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how to become a computer repair technician

A computer repair technician works with all different types of computers.

IT departments at companies have computer repair technicians on staff to handle employee computer issues. Computer repair technicians can also work for computer repair businesses or as independent contractors.

They work on both the computer’s external and internal components. To successfully complete this work, technicians need a complete understanding of the device’s ins and outs.

Computer Technician Training and Requirements

To become a computer repair technician, you first need a high school diploma. Then, you will need to complete computer repair technician training.

There are many ways to gain this training. Detailed below are some of the many ways you can earn experience.

Job Experience

Since most entry-level computer repair technician jobs require only a high school diploma, it is relatively easy to get a job at a local electronics store. While working there, you will gain valuable experience.

This hands-on computer technician training is excellent for anyone interested in being a computer repair technician since experiential training can accelerate your learning.


You can also earn a certification to become a computer repair technician. Having both a high school diploma and a certification from a computer technician training program will make you a desirable job candidate. You can obtain a certification from a community college or a vocational school. Some of these programs may even set you up with a job or internship upon completion.

An Associate or Bachelor’s Degree

Earning an associate or bachelor’s degree in computer repair or computer programming will make you an ideal candidate for computer repair technician jobs.

These degree programs are comprehensive and teach everything you need to know about computers. If you genuinely want to go far in a career as a computer repair technician, getting a degree is an excellent option.

Interested in a Career as a Computer Repair Technician?

Take a look at Stratford Career Institute’s computer technician learning course today to see if it is the right program for you. This introductory course will teach you everything about a career as a computer repair technician, including:

  • Understanding the personal computer (PC);
  • Troubleshooting PC problems and errors;
  • An introduction to upgrading and repairing PCs;
  • Processor specifications, features, manufacturing, socket and slot types;
  • Processor upgrades and troubleshooting techniques;
  • System bus types, functions, and features;
  • Troubleshooting memory;
  • Optical drive performance specifications;
  • Display adapters and monitors;
  • Securing and sharing your internet connection; and
  • Internet and networking.

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Explore a Computer Repair Technician Career

Explore a Computer Repair Technician Career

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