distance learning computer trainingWe are living in a world where computers are a greater and greater part of our everyday lives. Using a computer is important to being able to do almost anything these days, and even if it is not a necessity, it makes almost anything much simpler. Because of this, understanding the basics of how a computer works and how to use it is almost essential.

These days, classes for basic computer training are common. You can find one, more likely than not, at your local technical schools, community colleges, and even at some recreation centers and libraries. Many of these classes have a specific clientele in mind; the elderly, the very young, people who need minimal computer knowledge for a job, things like that.

But what if you could learn the same things, learn them at your own pace and without having to meet somewhere at a particular time each week, and do so affordably? Distance-learning computer training from Stratford Career Institute may be the best option for you.

Move At Your Own Pace

One of the problems with classic teaching is that you move at a class pace. If someone doesn’t quite grasp a concept or an idea, like, say, what the purpose of the CPU or RAM is, and they don’t understand it within the time limit, they fall behind so that the class can progress. On the other hand, if you’re doing well and moving ahead of the class, you end up having to wait for the teacher in many instances.

If you’re working through a distance-learning program, though, you can work at whatever pace works well for you. Spend more time or less on a particular section as you need, and work as much as you like at any particular time. Move at the pace that is best for you.

Affordable and Doesn’t Require a Set Schedule

Classes at your local library or at your community college or learning annex or rec center may require that you pay a fee (and in some cases, that fee can get into the thousands for a full course). They almost all require that you show up at a certain time, often one to three meetings a week, and that you complete the coursework in the time they allot you. Miss classes and you fall behind and lose out on the information you might need.

Working through computer training classes with Stratford Career Institute, on the other hand, will allow you to work when you like. Maybe you have a day where you can dedicate eight hours straight to coursework. Maybe you have a day where you can only get in an hour or two. Distance-learning computer training allows you to decide what schedule is best for you.

Doesn’t Require a Computer

The Stratford Career Institute program does not require that you have a computer to be able to do the assignments and coursework. Of course, having a computer will obviously be of great benefit to you if you’re trying to learn about a computer, but if you don’t have one, you don’t need one to learn how to use it.

There’s always the alternative of going to your local public library if you decide that you really need access to a computer.

Better Contact with the Teacher

In a lot of courses, especially those that occur at a library or learning annex, after the class, your teacher is almost impossible to get ahold of until the next class. What if you have a question about something from the class, or you can’t figure something out on the coursework you were to study before the next class?

With Stratford Career Institute Distance-Learning, you will be able to contact a teacher by email or by toll-free phone call.

Enroll in One of Our Many Online Classes

These are just a few reasons that distance-learning computer training courses might be in your best interest, and a few of the reasons that you should contact Stratford Career Institute today!


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Distance Learning Computer Training

Distance Learning Computer Training

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