Online Computer Class

We use computers constantly at home, in school, and for work.

Learning about computers from online computer classes can make computers more accessible to you.

Plus, having a broad knowledge of computers can make your life easier in many ways.

Learning about computers can be tough. Thankfully, online computer classes can help people better understand computers.

Here, we list six reasons why you should take an online computer course.

1. Solve Your Own Computer Problems

computer classes

One of the main reasons you should consider online computer classes is so you can solve your computer problems.

Having trouble with a specific program or connecting to your power source? Computer classes will give you the skills and knowledge you need to work through any problems that might arise with your computer. 

You will learn the essential parts of a computer along with how they operate. 

2. Understand How Computers Work

Being able to understand personal computer basics is a great benefit to taking online computer classes. Simply understanding computer parts and how computers run will help you understand how to take care of your computer and prevent issues like viruses.

Computers are made of both hardware and software.

The hardware is what makes up the solid pieces of a computer like a screen, processor, power supply, and motherboard. The software is the different languages a computer uses to think and the programs it runs.

Taking care of your computer will help it last longer. You will not have to spend money or time setting up a new computer because you will have the knowledge to fix issues yourself. You can even help your friends and coworkers keep their computers running faster and smoothly.

3. Know More About Technology In General

If you want to know more about technology in general, an online computer class is a great place to start.

There is a lot of overlap between the technology used in computers and newer technology like cell phones, tablets, and everyday electronic devices.

Being able to understand how to change settings, run internal programs, and replace different components can apply to other technology in the world today.

4. Gain Essential Job Skills

Computer classes teach you essential work skills.

Different computer programs like Microsoft Suite help with tasks like writing, organizing documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. These are all essential skills for jobs today and can be used in across industries. You can even use the skills you learned from computer classes on your resume to make you a more desirable job candidate.

Computers are increasingly becoming used in industries like:

  • Retail stores,
  • Restaurants,
  • Banks, and
  • Media businesses.

These are a few of the many industries that are benefiting from the use of computers. Today, many workers need computer skills to obtain a job. To increase your performance, you can also learn other workplace technology and programs.

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5. Build Your Own Computer

If you are thinking about building a computer, taking online computer classes can help teach you everything you need to know.

You will learn about every piece of technology required for a computer to run. Then you can choose the parts you want to use for your computer. Specific components allow you to make upgrades as needed and have a computer that fits your needs. 

Building your own computer will also teach you how to fix your computer when issues arise. You can even help your family and friends upgrade their systems to operate smoothly.

6. To Learn How Technology Is Changing

Computers have been at the forefront of technology since they were invented.

If you want to understand how technology has grown, the computer is a roadmap to the advancements in technology. Since computers are used to program other technology, they have always advanced with and beyond that technology.

Interested in an Online Computer Class?

Take a look at Stratford Career Institute’s computer training learning program. You will gain a wealth of knowledge about personal computer basics including:

  • Understanding the personal computer,
  • A short history of computing,
  • Storage devices and operating systems,
  • Troubleshooting PC problems and errors,
  • System, device, and network settings,
  • Installing and uninstalling software,
  • Productivity apps for school and work,
  • Internet basics and information literacy,
  • Creating tables and multi-page reports,
  • Performing calculations with formulas,
  • Building a database and defining tables and relationships,
  • Adding objects and tables to slides, and
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing and Office 365.

Enroll today!


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Ready to Take an Online Computer Class?

Ready to Take an Online Computer Class?

Check out Stratford’s computer training course to get started!