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computer technician salary

People often wonder, how much do computer technicians make?

computer technician’s salary can be nearly $60,000 per year.

Getting a certification or degree will earn you a higher computer technician salary. There are many different certificate programs, as well as associate degrees, offered to help you become a computer repair technician. You can even get training at a vocational school. 

You can also gain valuable skills and on-the-job experience by working at an electronics store that sells computers. Electronics stores typically require only a high school diploma for employment. Some stores may even pay for employees to get more training or certification.

Considerations for a Computer Technician Salary

A variety of factors influence a computer repair technician’s salary. Detailed below are some things that may affect a computer repair technician’s salary.

Your Education and Experience

The amount of education and experience you have as a computer technician will significantly affect your computer technician salary.

Even getting experience in the military or at a vocational school will increase your worth to an employer. Having training will make you an invaluable employee and will raise your computer technician salary.

The Location Where You Work

If you work in a remote area and are the only computer technician around, you may make a higher computer technician salary.

Since there is a high demand for your specialized skills in remote areas, you can charge more for your time. There might not be as many jobs for computer technicians in these remote areas, so consider where you want to work when thinking about a career as a computer technician.

Who You Work for

A computer technician’s salary may be higher if the technician works as an independent consultant rather than for a company. A technician employed by a company will earn a steady and predictable salary. But if a computer technician has enough experience and skills, they may benefit from working as an independent contractor. A contractor can set their own fees and select their own clients.

Interested in a Career as a Computer Technician?

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Explore a Computer Technician Career

Explore a Computer Technician Career

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