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managing a restaurant

Effective restaurant management is essential to running a successful restaurant.

As the person primarily in charge of the restaurant’s operation, a restaurant general manager has a variety of responsibilities.

The In’s and Out’s Of Restaurant Business Management

Typically, the restaurant general manager is responsible for the tasks listed below. They will typically do the following:

Train and Hire All Staff

For a restaurant to be successful, it needs to have enough staff on hand. The restaurant’s general manager is in charge of hiring and training its employees. If employees don’t know their jobs, customer service may suffer.

Develop The Menu

Every great restaurant has a 5-star menu. A restaurant general manager and the head chef frequently create the menu together. Furthermore, the restaurant general manager must determine which items do not sell well and replace those items with other dishes.

Provide Top-Notch Customer Service

The restaurant manager should be the go-to person when issues arise with customers. They must be able to quickly and efficiently solve these problems. If customers have issues with the food or service, they might write bad reviews of the restaurant. Restaurant management should address these issues before customers have bad experiences.

Stock The Entire Restaurant

The restaurant general manager is in charge of food and alcohol sourcing. They must buy these ingredients at reasonable prices, which allows the margins on food at the restaurant to be high. 

Manage All Payroll and Money Distribution

The restaurant’s general manager makes sure everyone gets paid. Restaurant general managers also make sure everyone shows up to scheduled shifts and is working. Beyond that, restaurant management makes sure that tips at the restaurant get paid out at the end of every shift.

Manage The Marketing Of The Restaurant

The restaurant’s general manager is in charge of growing and promoting the restaurant. Some ways to see if marketing is working is if revenue is up or the restaurant has more customers on a nightly basis.

The general manager might reassign some of these tasks to other staff members too. 

Restaurant Management Hours

A restaurant general manager works during all hours of restaurant operation. They must be on hand to take care of any problems that arise and to ensure that the restaurant is operating properly.

The restaurant general manager also makes sure everyone shows up for scheduled shifts and does their job.

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Interested in a Restaurant Management Career?

Interested in a Restaurant Management Career?

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