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restaurant general manager salary

The average restaurant general manager’s salary is around $50,000 per year. 

A restaurant general manager’s salary will vary depending on their experience and the restaurant where they work.

Additionally, every restaurant is different; the various tasks that a restaurant general manager handles will affect their salary.

Considerations For A Restaurant General Manager Salary

There are a variety of factors that affect a restaurant GM’s salary. Here are some of the more critical things to consider:

  • The restaurant location. If the restaurant you work at is in a busy location, the restaurant’s gm salary will be much better than in a rural area.
  • Your previous experience. The more experience an incoming restaurant general manager has, the more they are paid. If you worked at a high volume restaurant in a city, you can earn more money because of that experience. If the restaurant general manager job is your first management position, you will probably make less.
  • The type of restaurant. The pay scale at a corporate chain restaurant will be different than at a family-owned establishment. If you want to make more money, a high-end family establishment will probably be better. Chain restaurants operate on fixed pay scales. If you work there, the restaurant GM salary will be comparable to all the other locations.
  • How you affect the restaurant. As a restaurant general manager, if you handle all operations, you can make more money. Furthermore, if you meet and exceed owner expectations, your raise will be more significant.

Work Schedule For A Restaurant General Manager

Restaurant general managers work when their restaurants are busiest. If the restaurant specializes in brunch, working mornings will be more typical. If it is a busy diner, the restaurant general manager often works late nights or early mornings.

Consider the schedule you will have based on where you work. Your potential schedule will determine where to work, and if you want to be a restaurant general manager.

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Become a Restaurant General Manager

Become a Restaurant General Manager

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