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is medical billing coding hard

When considering a career change involving new technical skills, many new learners are intimidated by the learning process.

For those interested in medical billing or coding, they may ask, “Is medical coding hard?” or “Is medical billing hard to learn?”

While these careers have some challenges, they also aren’t as hard as you may believe.

What Medical Billers and Coders Do

Before we take a look at the difficulties medical billers or coders may face, let’s go over what they do. Essentially, both positions work in the same pipeline but have different duties.

A medical coder collects data from patient records in an alphanumeric code, like CPT, that can be used in other systems. The medical biller then takes that universal code and creates insurance claims for their employer.

Overall, this process helps medical providers request reimbursement from insurance companies for qualifying medical treatments. To answer the question, “Is medical billing and coding hard to learn,” let’s take a look at some of the issues that workers in these careers deal with daily.

Common Challenges

Since this work involves confidential information, medical billers and coders face numerous challenges. The biggest obstacle when working in these positions is making sure you follow HIPAA regulations.

HIPPA outlines the legal limits for using patient information. It determines not only who may access this information but also how they send it to others. This means that medical billers and coders deal with HIPAA compliance every day. 

That being said, there are other aspects of each job that may seem hard at first, such as:

  • Coding medical treatments, procedures, and diagnoses accurately;
  • Recording all payments related to a patient file like co-pays, deductibles, etc.; and
  • Communicating with a larger team about complex issues with billing.

So, how hard is medical billing and coding? As difficult as any other job involving large data sets. However, as long as you commit yourself to learning the basics and keeping up with industry updates, it’s easier than you think.

Available Resources to Medical Billers and Coders

The main thing to keep in mind when considering a career as a medical biller or coder is that employers know how difficult it is. That’s why they provide you with resources while on the job.

In fact, most medical billers and coders have access to: 

  • Codebooks. These books have thousands of medical codes for different conditions in case you forget. They serve as guidelines for anyone working in this particular field.
  • User-friendly software. The software used by medical providers today is intuitive compared to older systems. In some cases, learning the software is enough to fulfill the job’s duties.
  • Continuous training. Training programs, like those offered by Stratford Career Institute, help teach the fundamental skills needed to work toward a career as a medical biller or coder. In addition, they generally cost less than college courses and can give you experience working with industry-standard terminology.

With these resources, medical coding or billing isn’t as difficult as you might think. In fact, it may be a rewarding experience if you are passionate about both data and healthcare.

Enroll in Our Medical Billing Course Today

Through answering the question, “Is medical billing and coding hard to learn,” we’ve found that the right tools and instruction can help anyone succeed in this field.

If you want to know the basics of handling patient data and creating insurance claims, Stratford’s course in medical billing may be the right choice for you! Enroll today or contact us to learn more.


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Become a Medical Billing Specialist!

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