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what is a medical billing specialist

What is a medical billing specialist?

A medical billing specialist is a person who submits and audits financial claims in the medical industry.

Medical billers communicate with patients, medical professionals and insurance companies to help manage the finances of health care and ensures that the bill gets paid.

In some workplaces, a medical billing specialist may be known as a medical biller and coder, while in other workplaces medical biller and medical coder are two separate jobs.

Medical coders’ work includes entering medical codes to tell the story of a patient’s visit. These codes are then used for records and billing purposes. There are thousands of different codes and medical coders are trained to pick the correct one after reviewing the patient’s file.

What are the Responsibilities of a Medical Billing Specialist?

The job duties of a medical billing specialist can vary greatly depending on if they work solely on billing, or also work as a medical coder.

A medical biller may:

  • Contact insurance companies or patients to follow up on bills
  • Communicate with patients to get insurance information
  • Understand and explain how medical insurance works
  • Walk patients through financial options
  • Review payment records
  • Use special software to submit insurance claims
  • Maintain patient confidentiality
  • Review patient records and accurately code them
  • Understand and use ICD-11
  • Remain aware of changes in the insurance industry

Where Do They Work?

Medical billing specialists work behind the scenes in a number of different settings including a doctor’s office, hospital, clinic, nursing home, or pharmacy.

Depending on the size of your workplace, the jobs of medical billing specialist and medical coder may be combined into one job.

How Can I Become a Medical Billing Specialist?


Medical billing jobs require a minimum education of a high school diploma. However, some jobs or certifications may require an associate’s degree.

Taking classes like Stratford Career Institute’s Medical Billing Specialist Distance Learning Course can help you learn the basics of becoming a medical billing specialist.


Many jobs require that medical billers or coders have a certificate proving their knowledge.

Even if your job does not require you to have a certificate, obtaining one can give you an advantage over your competition when applying for jobs.

Start Learning About Medical Billing Today!

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Become a Medical Billing Specialist

Become a Medical Billing Specialist

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