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Professional gardeners have broad knowledge about the different plants that grow in the area where they live.

They maintain these plants and the outdoor spaces where they work. Gardeners use their expertise to create inviting outdoor areas.

People often wonder how to become a gardener. There are many different ways to become a gardener, but typically you can get hired with just a high school diploma. From there, you will gain on-the-job experience. 

If you know you are interested in becoming a professional gardener, you can also get a degree or certification.

Steps for Becoming a Gardener

how to become a gardener

Below is some information on how to become a gardener.

Get A Degree Or Certification

Many colleges and community colleges offer degrees in horticulture and landscape design for those interested in becoming a professional gardener. You can also obtain a certification online, at a local plant nursery, or at a community college. 

Some jobs require only a certification to get hired while others will require a college degree. Do some research on the jobs you want so that you can obtain the appropriate credentials.

Obtain a Master Gardener Status

A master gardener program trains interested individuals about the science and art of gardening. Once you complete a master gardener program, you will receive a master gardener certification. To get this certification, you must complete a set number of required courses and volunteer for a set amount of hours.

Master gardeners are active in their communities, teaching the public about horticulture and gardening. Master gardener programs also sometimes offer phone and email advice, which is often provided by volunteers.

Master gardeners may also speak to community groups to raise awareness about green spaces and spread knowledge about local plants.

Gain Real-World Experience

Once you get a degree, earn a certification, or complete a master gardener program, you can then begin to look for jobs as a professional gardener.

Professional gardeners can work in a variety of different roles, including:

  • Nursery manager,
  • Landscape designer,
  • Gardener,
  • Arborist, and
  • Florist.

Professional gardeners have a lot of different skills, allowing them to be qualified for many different jobs. Continue to volunteer if you cannot find a job. Volunteering will give you valuable contacts in the gardening industry, which could eventually lead to employment opportunities.

Work Conditions for a Professional Gardener

Although in the often relaxing outdoors, the work conditions for professional gardeners are not always the best. Gardeners work all year in some areas and often work during bad weather. Plants and landscapes need tending, which can be hard physical labor.

Professional gardeners need to have a strong work ethic and be prepared each day for different challenges. If you are someone who prefers working outdoors rather than sitting behind a desk, gardening could be a great career choice for you.

Interested in Learning More About Becoming a Professional Gardener?

Check out Stratford Career Institute’s gardening and landscaping online course to determine if this career is right for you. You will learn everything you need to know about how to become a professional gardener, including:

  • Understanding and identifying plants;
  • Garden maintenance and garden features;
  • Selecting and using plants in the garden;
  • Gardening prep and design;
  • Soil and fertilizer;
  • Growing vegetables, herbs, and fruit;
  • Creating water gardens;
  • Marginal and periphery plants;
  • Creating flower gardens;
  • Perennials, annuals, and biennials; and
  • Maintaining your garden.

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Interested in a Gardening Career?

Interested in a Gardening Career?

Grow your knowledge and learn how to apply it by enrolling in our distance-learning course!