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how to become a landscaper

There are not many requirements to get an entry-level job as a landscaper.

Getting an entry-level landscaping job will give you great contacts in the industry. At an entry-level position, you will learn a lot while on the job. You can also decide if a landscaper career is right for you.

Once you decide that you want a career as a professional landscaper, you can further your education with a degree or certification. These educational programs will improve your knowledge of the field and your future job prospects.

Steps for How to Become a Landscaper

Below is a step by step guide on how to become a landscaper and how to further your landscape career.

1. Get a Degree or Certification

There are many degrees and certification programs out there for those that want to be a professional landscaper. The primary degrees to become a professional landscaper are in horticulture and landscape design. You can also get a degree as a landscape technician at some community colleges.

The National Association of Landscape Professionals offers a variety of certifications. Each certification will help prepare you for a different type of landscaping job, such as a lawn care technician or a lawn care manager. You can also get certified through The Landscape Contractors Association.

2. Gain Experience as a Professional Landscaper

Once you get a degree or a certification to become a landscaper, you will have many employment opportunities.

As a professional landscaper, you can get a job as a:

  • Groundskeeper,
  • Landscaper,
  • Landscape manager,
  • Golf course superintendent, 
  • Horticulture specialist,
  • Landscape technician, or
  • Nursery Manager.

Since the skills needed to be a professional landscaper are varied, there are many different types of jobs that a professional landscaper is qualified to do.

3. Earn New Certifications to Advance Your Landscaper Career

Once you have some experience as a professional landscaper, you can go back to school to receive more certifications. Having more credentials will make you a desirable employee because of the additional knowledge you learn in a certification program. 

You can use these new certifications to specialize in a specific aspect of landscape care. Specializing in something like tree maintenance will give you an edge as a candidate for different jobs.

Interested in Becoming a Landscaper?

Explore Stratford Career Institute’s landscaper learning course today to see if a landscaper career is right for you. You will learn all about a professional landscaping job, including the following and more:

  • 40 ways to make money in landscaping,
  • Understanding and identifying plants,
  • Selecting and using plants in the landscape,
  • The ten most common mistakes made by landscapers,
  • The landscape process,
  • The principles of design,
  • Hardscape,
  • Landscaping in the age of technology, and
  • Understanding contracts and contractors.

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Considering a Landscaping Career?

Considering a Landscaping Career?

Stratford Career Institute offers a comprehensive learning course that can set you on the right path.