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landscaping career skills and responsibilities

Landscapers take on a variety of responsibilities that require them to develop special skills, but you need only a high school diploma to become a landscaper.

Although you need only a high school diploma, you can enroll in plenty of certification programs or associate degrees, such as landscape management or landscape design, to gain these specialized landscaping skills.

You can also obtain a certification or degree to give yourself more qualifications as a landscaper.

These programs will help you learn the essential landscaping skills needed to succeed in a career as a landscaper.

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Landscaping Skills for the Job

Many different skills are in a landscaper’s job description. Below are some of the skills needed to become a landscaper.

Leadership Skills

landscaper job description

As a professional landscaper, you will be working on a team to complete different landscaping jobs assigned to you.

Someone with good leadership skills will be able to advance in their landscaping career.

If you can lead a team toward the same goal and motivate them to work harder, you are more likely to be given additional responsibilities and opportunities in a landscape career. 

Organizational Skills

Landscapers often have multiple jobs going on simultaneously. Organizational skills are critical to keeping yourself up to date with what each job needs. No two jobs are the same, so keeping yourself and your work organized is essential to being a successful landscaper.

Customer Service Skills

As a landscaper, you will deal with customers every day. Having customer service skills to keep these customers satisfied will ensure that they continue using your services for years to come.

Strong Work Ethic

Working as a landscaper can be physically demanding. Having a strong work ethic helps landscapers complete all the work assigned to them in a timely and efficient manner.

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Landscaping Responsibilities

A landscaper job includes many different responsibilities. Below are some of the responsibilities found in a landscaper job description.

Maintain Equipment

A landscaper works with a variety of equipment to complete jobs that need specialized tools.

Some of the equipment that a landscaper needs to be able to maintain includes:

  • Lawnmowers,
  • Weed wackers,
  • Leaf blowers,
  • Hand tools, and
  • Pest control tools.

Operating and maintaining landscaping equipment is one of the primary responsibilities of a landscaper. 

Basic Lawn Maintenance

All landscapers have to deal with essential lawn maintenance. Whether you are starting out in the business or are a specialized landscape professional, one of the primary landscaping responsibilities is basic lawn care.

Keep Work Areas Safe

There is a lot of high powered and dangerous equipment that landscaping professionals work with on a day-to-day basis. Being sure to keep your work areas as safe as possible is a crucial landscaping responsibility.

Interested in a Career as a Landscaper?

Take a look at Stratford Career Institute’s landscaper learning course today to see if a career as a landscaper is right for you. You will learn about everything a landscaper needs to know, including:

  • Introduction to landscaping,
  • Analyzing the landscape site,
  • The landscape process,
  • Plant selection,
  • The principles of design,
  • Techniques of landscaping,
  • Landscaping in the age of technology,
  • Understanding contracts and contractors,
  • Installing and maintaining landscape plants,
  • Winterization of the landscape, and
  • Safety in the landscape industry.

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