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Entry Level Social Work Jobs

Social workers meet with clients on a daily basis to help them resolve issues in their lives. A social worker’s primary concern is helping their clients work towards a higher quality of life.

For most entry-level social work jobs, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree in social work. However, there are some jobs in social work without a degree required. 

Below, we will review a few entry-level social work jobs and the ways you can start a career in social work.

Careers in Social Work

There are many ways that you can explore careers in social work. Here are a couple of entry-level social work jobs.

Work At A Group Home or Rehab Facility

Finding work at a group home or a rehab facility are two great entry-level social work jobs. These jobs do not always require a bachelor’s degree, but you may need a certification or an associate’s degree. You might also need to get registered with the state you live in to qualify for a group home position.

If you do not qualify for work near you, group homes and rehab facilities are always looking for volunteers. While volunteering, you will gain valuable contacts and work experience to apply for a position when one becomes available eventually. 

Work As A Case Assistant

Case assistants do not have the same responsibility as social workers, but they do help assist clients on a day to day basis. Case assistants provide the necessary support to the case managers and social workers where they work. Becoming a case assistant is one of the better entry-level social work jobs that someone looking to enter the industry can get.

Volunteer To Gain Experience

One of the primary ways you can gain experience with careers in social work is to volunteer with an organization that serves people you care about. While there, you get first-hand work experience in the field of social work. At the same time, you will help people that you care about making their lives better through the organization’s work.

Become A Program Coordinator or Director

If you want to be a program coordinator or director, you might not initially qualify for the position without proper experience or education. However, you can work as a receptionist or an assistant to the program coordinator or director.

Working in these positions gives you experience and insight into how a program is organized and runs efficiently. After some time in these roles, you may be able to move up to a program coordinator or director position.

Explore a Social Work Career

If you are interested in a career in social work, take a look at Stratford Career Institute’s social work learning course to see if this path is one you’d like to pursue!

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  • Introduction to Social Psychology
  • Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Discrimination
  • Persuasion by Communication and by Action
  • Applying Social Psychology to Law, Business, and Health
  • Professional Credentials and Regulations
  • Ethical and Legal Issues Facing Helpers

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Explore a Career in Social Work

Explore a Career in Social Work

Are you interested in becoming a social worker? Stratford Career Institute offers a comprehensive course that can set you on the right path.