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social work skills

There are a variety of skills needed to be a social worker. The demands of the job are high.

As a social worker, you will be doing something different every day.

Not only will you be a trusted advisor, but you will also work as a caretaker, administrator, and clinician. Having a broad list of social work skills will enable you to thrive as a social worker.

Below is a list of general social work skills that will help you succeed on the job.

Skills Needed to Be A Social Worker

Communication Skills

Being an excellent communicator helps social workers connect with clients. Communication, both verbal and through body language, helps social workers see what those problems are. Once issues are recognized, it is easier for a social worker to do their job of working through those problems.

Furthermore, listening is one of the skills needed to be a social worker. They must be able to truly hear what clients say so they can address the root of the problem.

Empathy Skills

Being empathetic means social workers truly feel what their clients are going through. Good social workers are naturally empathetic and can vividly perceive what others are telling them. This helps social workers quickly find and address problems.

Organizational Skills

As a social worker, you will help a lot of clients each day. Staying organized helps you better serve those clients. Taking notes is key to staying up to date with what clients have told you, and records help you keep them focused on their goals. Social workers sometimes have a high number of clients so being organized is critical to staying up to date on cases.

Critical Thinking Skills

As a social worker, you must be able to think critically about what clients are telling you. There is often an underlying issue for a client. Being able to think critically about the verbal and nonverbal cues of a client helps a social worker reach the origin of the client’s problems.

Collaboration Skills

A social worker must bridge the gap between a solution and what’s possible in a client’s life. 

People might not want to follow a social worker’s advice completely, so finding a suitable solution for all parties helps social workers better do their job.

Psychology Knowledge

A social worker must understand human psychology to know what clients are going through. Depending on their developmental stage, clients can experience different problems. 

Understanding these stages can help social workers quickly and accurately address their clients’ problems from a developmental standpoint.

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Become a Social Worker

Become a Social Worker

We’re proud to offer an extensive distance learning course that will help you determine if this career is right for you!