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How Do You Become a Home Health Aide?Do you have a knack for details and enjoy working with people in a job that keeps you moving?

Then you just might make a great home health care aide. As the baby boomer generation ages and the elderly population continues to grow, demand for home health care aides is on the rise!

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in this area is expected to grow by as much as 41% through 2026, which is much faster than most other occupations.

So how do you become a home health aide?

What do Home Health Care Aides Do?

Home health care aides provide care to ill, injured, disabled, and impaired individuals who are often older adults.

They typically assist clients with a variety of common daily tasks, including:

  • Personal care, bathing, grooming, and dressing,
  • Housekeeping, washing dishes, vacuuming, and laundry,
  • Grocery shopping and meal preparation tailored to specific client dietary needs, and
  • Ensuring clients are engaged in their social networks and communities, planning schedules and transportation to activities and medical appointments.

Where do Home Health Care Aides Work?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that home health care aides held more than 900,000 jobs in 2016.

While most home health aides work in the client’s home, employment is also available in a variety of other settings. Small group homes, larger care centers, hospice and day service programs utilize these types of aides.

How Much Money do Home Health Care Aides Make?

Jobs can be full time or part time and aides may work with one or many clients throughout the day depending on their employer. Evening and weekend hours are sometimes required, based on the needs of the client. estimates home health care aides make between $22,000 and $27,000 per year.  Those with more training and experience will be on the higher end.

How Do You Become a Home Health Care Aide?

Although not required, home health care aids often hold a high school diploma or equivalent.

Employer-provided on the job training is common. The training teaches aides about cooking for special dietary needs, housekeeping, and basic safety and emergency response techniques. Formal training is also available for those wishing to work under the supervision of a medical professional.

Many colleges and vocational schools offer post-secondary and non-degree programs. There are even options for training at home. For example, Stratford Career Institute has an excellent, affordable and convenient Health Care Aide distance learning course. Specialized programs train home health aides to work in certified home health or hospice agencies, many of which require formal vocational training and a standardized test.

With this additional training, many home health aides work under the supervision of a nurse or healthcare provider and learn to help with tasks that are more medical in nature. Aides may check a client’s medication and vital signs or help with simple prescribed exercises. They may also change dressings or bandages, care for skin, give massages and help with braces or artificial limbs. Experienced aides sometimes even help with their client’s medical equipment, including oxygen and ventilators.

Today, many elderly clients and people with disabilities are looking for alternatives to nursing or hospital care. Often, employing a home health aide can help people remain in their homes, providing care in a more comfortable environment. The need is growing and the demand for home health aides will continue to increase well into the next decade.

Start Your Career as a Home Health Care Aide Today

Consider taking an online course to take your career as a home health aide to the next level.

The Stratford Career Institute offers an affordable Health Care Aide distance learning course that teaches the basics of being a home health care aide.

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Become a Home Health Care Aide

Become a Home Health Care Aide

Start your career by learning about being a home health care aide. Enroll in our online course today!