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As more and more people are beginning to return to the office in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals find themselves with the desire to continue working from home.

Having flexibility with your time, ditching the morning and evening commute, and having more control over your work space are all legitimate reasons to consider jobs that you can work from home.

Luckily, the best work from home jobs are more accessible than ever in the post-COVID world. Many companies are hiring fully remote positions in lots of different career fields.

To name a few careers where you may be able to work from home:

  • Web designers, 
  • Communications strategists, 
  • Writers,
  • Administrative professionals, and
  • Bookkeepers.

All can find success in jobs that you can work from home. 

In addition to the flexibility a work from home job offers, many virtual positions require only a bachelor’s degree or less.

Plus, there are entities like the Stratford Career Institute to help people begin exploring their online career options by providing introductory training.

Once you’re certain of the career path you want to pursue, you can obtain the necessary certifications or licenses to thrive in your virtual position.

If working from home is appealing to you, check out our list of the five best work from home jobs.

1. Computer Programmer

A virtual computer programmer makes on average $68,457 every year. As a virtual programmer, you write code for websites, mobile applications, and video games.

Courses like Stratford Career Insititute’s computer programmer overview or video design training might help you decide if a career in computer programming is right for you.

A computer programmer can easily work from home as a freelancer or contractor. Additionally, companies offer part-time and full-time computer programmer positions.

If flexibility is a big factor in your decision to find jobs you can do from home, computer programming might be worth looking into.

2. Communications Strategist

The communications industry offers a variety of jobs that you can work from home, including:

  • Social media strategist,
  • Public relations strategist, and
  • Graphic designer.

Most, but not all, communications positions require a bachelor’s degree. However, if you need a quick run-through of the basics, a course covering social media strategy could help launch your virtual communications strategist career.

A social media strategist position is one of the best work from home jobs, as social media is inherently virtual.

As a social media planner, you would be responsible for coordinating the content creation and impact evaluation of social media efforts of the company, or companies, for which you work.

Companies hiring virtual social media strategists span a variety of industries, so you have the luxury of being picky about the company you want to work for. 

3. Writer

Freelance writing tends to be a no-brainer when brainstorming top work from home jobs.

Remote writers have the flexibility to work whenever they write most articulately and thoughtfully. If you tend to write stronger content at night, there is nothing stopping you from starting your workday at 9:00 PM as a virtual writer.

Freelance writers make anywhere from $5 to $75 an hour depending on article length, experience, and submission platform. 

Writing is an extremely broad category.

Freelance content creators are hired for:

  • Creative writing,
  • Website and social media copywriting, and
  • Ghost writing gigs.

A good place for any aspiring writer to start is a course that covers the basics, like our creative writing course.

4. Administrative Assistant

Are you organized, a great communicator, and a meticulous schedule keeper? If so, you should consider working as a virtual assistant.

People in virtual assistant positions handle:

  • Scheduling,
  • Emails,
  • Travel booking, and
  • Other administrative duties for a company executive or other busy professional.

During the coronavirus pandemic, many individuals realized that they could work with assistants virtually, and companies that hire virtual assistant contractors saw an increase in virtual assistant demand.

Simultaneously, people well-suited for assistant jobs realized that assistant work is a great job you can do from home.

Working as a virtual assistant gives you flexibility to set your own schedule with the professional that you support, giving you time to manage your personal life while maintaining an income.

5. Bookkeeper

Similarly to a virtual administrative assistant, a virtual bookkeeper has a lot of control over their own hours. A bookkeeper can decide if they want to work full time for a company or part time as a freelancer. 

A bookkeeper helps manage a company or organization’s finances by:

  • Verifying receipts, 
  • Making bank deposits, and 
  • Preparing invoices.

If you are organized and good with numbers, a virtual bookkeeper position might be one of the best work from home jobs for you.

Whether it’s as a creator or an organizer, there is no shortage of jobs that you can work from home. We hope to see you in one of our online courses to help you begin your career in one of these best work from home jobs.


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