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relaxation therapist

A relaxation therapist is someone who knows how to quiet the mind for the purpose of pure relaxation and stress relief.

Life is stressful. A relaxation therapist helps clients make life less stressful through specific techniques. With less stress, people live longer and lead healthier lives. A relaxation therapist understands what leads to more stress and how to limit stress in your life. 

Every day as a relaxation therapist is unique. Sometimes relaxation therapists work with clients in an individual setting. They might also hold relaxation classes for groups.

Relaxation Therapy Techniques In A Relaxation Class

A relaxation therapist uses many tools. Here are a few examples of techniques they use:


One of the main ways relaxation therapists reduces stress is through massage. Massage relaxes the body, which helps put the mind at ease. 

Cognitive Restructuring

Relaxation therapy helps clients change the way they think. We all get worked up about our problems. Cognitive restructuring works to change the way clients deal with these problems.

Art Therapy

There are many different forms of therapy including what is known as art therapy. When you are creative and focus on an art project, your mind becomes more at ease.

Creative Problem Solving.

 We need different tools to solve different problems. Because everyone is unique, everyone solves their problems in their own ways. Creative problem solving helps clients resolve issues that are stressing them out.

Time and Money Management

Time and money are two of the highest causes of stress. Relaxation therapists teach their clients different time and money management techniques.

Nutrition and Exercise

Through exercise and nutrition, we become more energized and less stressed. Exercise releases endorphins and allows muscles to relax.

Relaxation Therapist Job Description

There are many duties that a relaxation therapist performs on a day-to-day basis. These job responsibilities include:

  • Communicating with clients about problems they have.
  • Using relaxation therapy to assist clients with reducing stress.
  • Meeting with individual clients and group therapy classes.
  • Teaching relaxation therapy techniques.

Interested in a Career as a Relaxation Therapist?

Stratford Career Institute has you covered. If you’re considering a fulfilling job as a relaxation therapist, explore our comprehensive online class to see if it’s right for you. It can help you decide if you want to pursue this amazing career!

The course will introduce you to many aspects of being a relaxation therapist, including:

  • Eastern and Western Forms of Massage
  • Relevant Anatomy and Physiology 
  • Meditation and Hatha Yoga
  • Music Therapy 
  • The Nature and Psychology of Stress
  • Different Communication Skills
  • And more!

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Become a Relaxation Therapist?

Become a Relaxation Therapist?

Check out our relaxation therapist online course to determine if this career is a great fit for you!