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What does a childcare worker do

You only need a high school diploma or a GED to become a childcare worker.

There are many opportunities for higher education, such as certifications in childcare work, child development, or youth and family human services. You can also get a degree in early childhood education or human services. However, the minimum requirement to work at a daycare is a high school diploma.

There are many different positions that a childcare worker can have, including working for:

  • An individual family as a nanny,
  • A childcare agency, or
  • A preschool or daycare center. 

The responsibilities of daycare workers are different each day.

So, what does a childcare worker do?

What Does a Childcare Worker Do?

Childcare workers do everything involved in operating a childcare center smoothly. They take care of the children that come to their daycare every day by planning a curriculum and playing with the children. Childcare workers also work with parents, helping their children progress and manage development problems (if development problems are present).

Some childcare workers take care of babies and toddlers, teaching them the skills needed to enter preschool. Other childcare workers might oversee slightly older children, taking care of them as they learn, play, and rest throughout the day.

During the summer and before or after school, childcare workers plan activities to keep kids entertained. Planning activities are essential to childcare work because parents have to work during the summer, before school opens, and after school ends for the day. The demand for childcare workers is great because the workday is often longer than the school day.

What Do You Need to Work at a Day Care?

To start working at a daycare, you may only need a high school diploma depending on the daycare. From there, you will learn many valuable skills working on the job from your supervisors. 

Your employment opportunities will significantly increase with previous experience and/or certifications or a bachelor’s degree. You can get a certificate in subjects like childcare work or child development. Bachelor’s degrees can be in subjects such as early childhood education and psychology.

Childcare Worker Hours

The hours for working at a daycare are typically regular business hours, from early in the morning until children get picked up in the late afternoon.

Because most daycares operate to watch children while their parents are at work, many daycares are open seven days a week and through the summer.

Other daycare centers might be open only in the morning or for childcare right after school.

Interested in a Career as a Childcare Worker?

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  • The role of the childcare worker,
  • Fostering self-esteem and showing approval,
  • Changes in children 12 months to 10 years,
  • Financial statements and business plans,
  • Administration of programs for young children,
  • The program and environment of planning,
  • Planning for infants, toddlers, and preschool-aged children,
  • Planning and staff decision making,
  • Staff supervision and training,
  • Budget management, maintenance, health, and safety,
  • Planning for profit in your child care business,
  • Communication styles and listening skills,
  • Sharing unpleasant information with parents,
  • Responsibilities of an assertive child care provider 

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