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how to become a child psychologistChild psychologists are trained professionals who provide mental health help to children, adolescents, and teenagers. They help them understand their emotions, diagnose them, and provide a treatment plan.

Child psychologists have a deep understanding of the:

  • Psychological,
  • Emotional, developmental,
  • Behavioral, and
  • Cognitive issues that children face and how they react.

They also conduct research and scientific studies.

To become a child psychologist, you need to obtain a graduate degree, get experience, become licensed, and consider becoming board certified.

If you want to learn more about a career in child psychology, then enrolling in Stratford Career Institute’s Child Psychology Distance Learning Course could help you achieve your goals.

Here is how to become a child psychologist.


The first step on your path to becoming a child psychologist is a bachelor’s degree in a related field such as psychology.

After obtaining your bachelor’s degree, you will need to continue your education to get a master’s or a doctoral degree.

Some jobs may only require a master’s degree, but having a doctoral degree in a program such as clinical child psychology can open up more career opportunities. Master’s and doctoral programs have different educational and time requirements so you should research which one is the best fit for you and your goals.

Get Experience

Some degree programs may require you to complete a supervised internship.

Regardless of your degree, you should gain experience in child psychology in order to help you decide on your preferred career path.

Obtain a State License

In order to be a practicing child psychologist, you need to obtain a state license.

While the requirements are different in each state, generally getting licensed to practice child psychology includes having a specific degree, meeting a minimum level of experience, and passing exams.

Many states use the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology administered by the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards.

Become Board Certified

After practicing for a year or two, many child psychologists have the option to become board certified by taking the American Board of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology’s Board Examination.

In order to be considered for certification, you need to:

  • Have a doctoral degree from an approved program,
  • Be licensed,
  • Meet the minimum experience levels, and
  • Pass the exam.

Even if your job does not require certification, having it opens more opportunities.

Learn More about a Career in Child Psychology

Becoming a child psychologist can take years and involves a lot of schooling.

So, before you get started on that journey, it’s best to take an introductory course, such as the Child Psychology class offered by Stratford Career Institute.

This course is designed to help you gain appropriate and practical knowledge in this field. Many students take this course to learn more about the field and make sure they want to study it. Others use the knowledge with their own kids or as a supplement for their current job.

Whether you have, work, or want to work with kids, Stratford’s program can be an excellent starting point. Check out the Child Psychology Distance Learning Course today.


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