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According to ZipRecruiter, the average social media strategist’s salary is nearly $50,000.

A social media strategist often works alongside the marketing team to engage followers on different social media channels. They create a social media calendar, leverage data, and directly engage with customers online to grow a business’s social media reach over time.

Additionally, social media strategists respond to messages from fans and customers and create engaging content to target specific demographics, like promotional materials.

Considerations for a Social Media Strategist Salary

The more experience you have, the more your social media strategist salary can be. The following are a couple of reasons the average salary for social media manager candidates could be higher.

A Proven Record of Growing Social Media Accounts

As a social media strategist, there are countless ways to extract data from any account you operate. Having a proven track record of growing social media accounts makes you more valuable to a business. You can demonstrate your success by showing increases in followers, higher click-through rates, and more engagement on any given post.

The Ability to Create Engaging Content

Creating engaging and on-brand content is hard. Being able to consistently come up with fresh ideas for each social media account you manage is essential to be a great social media strategist. Having engaging content will organically grow these social media accounts over time.

Being Able to Find New Clients Through Social Media

Just about every person and business today uses some form of social media. As a social media strategist, you recognize who should be following your accounts and who can benefit from the services your business provides. A social media strategist reaches out to these potential clients through social media to show them the services offered and benefits your company can provide.

Finding Opportunities in New Social Media Networks

A great social media strategist is always looking for additional social media channels. The more social media networks business is on, the more visible they are to different people who use each network. These various networks can be used to engage fans in different ways.

Furthermore, each social media channel is continually coming out with new features. A good social media strategist knows how to leverage those features to grow an account’s engagement and its following.

Interested in a Career as a Social Media Strategist?

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  • Consistent Community-Building Efforts
  • Local Search Engine Optimization and Review Marketing
  • Starting a Business

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Become a Social Media Strategist

Become a Social Media Strategist

Explore a new career by taking our social media strategist online course!