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A social media strategist runs all online social media accounts for a business.

So, what does a social media strategist do daily? 

Below, we will discuss a social media strategist job description, which includes what you can expect from your career as a social media strategist.

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Social Media Strategist Job Description

A business’s online presence is essential to growing its brand and engaging with customers and potential customers. Because there are so many social media networks and responsibilities, social media strategist must be organized and detail-oriented.

Many things encompass a social media strategist job description. We’ll discuss social media strategists’ primary responsibilities below.

Create Original, Engaging Content 

A good social media strategist knows what content will engage their target audience. They actively work to produce this content to keep existing followers and generate new ones.

Know About All Social Media Networks

The typical social media networks a business should be on include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. There may be other relevant social media networks depending on the company.

Knowing the ins and outs of these social media networks is key to building an online following. A good social media strategist understands all the features of each social media network and uses those features to promote the business.

Know How to Advertise on those Social Media Networks

There are many opportunities to leverage paid advertisements on social media networks. The social media strategist understands who they need to target with those ads and what content will be required to draw in new followers.

Cooperate and Coordinate with Other Social Media Users and Bloggers

The social media strategist works with outside entities like blogs and influencers to promote their brand. Bloggers and influencers are paid to review and promote the company. The social media strategist also coordinates with news media, magazines, and online advertorials to promote the business in the print media.

Respond to Comments on Posts and Questions Asked on Social Media

Social media strategists respond directly to all inquiries sent through social media as well as to anyone who engages with the business. If they do not know the answer to questions, they do the necessary research or ask the appropriate people within the company to answer questions. Social media strategists should be well versed in everything that the business does.

Compile Social Media Data to Assess How to Best Leverage Followers

Monitoring each social media campaign is essential. Measuring campaign and post success is critical to making the next campaign or post even more targeted to specific followers.

Social media strategists monitor followers to see who is attracted to the brand’s message. They gather data on followers, post engagement and current trends to see how to attract new followers and better engage current ones.

Collaborate with the Marketing Team

The social media manager constantly revises the social media strategy with the marketing team’s help. They review the social media strategy to grow the business’s network by targeting new followers and posting engaging content that current followers enjoy.

Send out Email Marketing Materials

Some social media strategists send out emails regularly to the company email list. The emails will include things like promotions, discounts, giveaways, and information or articles that a business’s followers will appreciate.

Find Opportunities to Promote the Business’s Social Media Accounts

No matter if the social media strategist uses an event to help their business online or consistently targeted posts, there are many opportunities to promote a business’s social media accounts. The social media strategist recognizes which ways work best for the company and the followers it is looking to attract.

Social Media Strategist Work Schedule

Social media strategists often work around the clock. 

Social media channels are always open, so there is new content to share or respond to all the time. Messages and engagement from a post come from fans who are active when they find the time. Post engagement often comes after regular business hours but still needs to be monitored by a social media strategist.

The quicker you can respond to and connect with these users, the more reputable your brand becomes. Social media users like to engage with brands that engage with them.

Business engagement builds brand loyalty among followers because they know their favorite brands see and hear what they have to say. Therefore, social media strategists may have to work odd hours when engagement is at its highest.

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Explore a Social Media Strategist Career

Explore a Social Media Strategist Career

Take a look at Stratford Career Institute’s social media strategist course today to see if it is the right program for you.