Are you a science-minded person with an interest in criminal justice?

If so, have you considered a career in forensics? Forensic training prepares scientists to work in labs and on crime scenes.

A forensic scientist analyzes crime scene evidence and helps make conclusions about what may have happened at the scene.

Crime Scene Investigation

When working on the crime scene, a forensic scientist often performs the following tasks:

  • Analyze the scene of the crime and determine what evidence to collect and how to best collect it.
  • Record observations, catalog, and preserve evidence to send to the crime lab.
  • Reconstruct crime scenes.
  • Take photos and make sketches of the crime scene and evidence.

In the Crime Lab

Another important part of crime scene investigation is crime lab analysis. In the lab, a forensic scientist is often tasked with the following.

  • Perform chemical, biological, and microscopic analysis of crime scene evidence.
  • Use their results to connect the evidence to the scene and the criminal activity.
  • Consult with experts in other specialized fields of forensics like forensic chemists or biologists, and digital forensics analysts.

A forensic scientist may be a generalist, performing many of the above duties, or may specialize in one area. Once their analysis is complete, they prepare a written report about how they analyzed the evidence. These reports help explain their findings to other law officials. Forensic scientists are sometimes even called to testify in court about their findings.

Forensic Online Courses, A Great Option!

There are many benefits to learning about forensics in an online course. Taking a course online is an easy and affordable way to determine if this career field is a good fit for you as well as a great way to gain fundamental education. It is great for self-motivated people who like learning in the comfort of their own home.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Online courses are great for motivated, self-directed individuals. They are a flexible, convenient, and affordable way to learn without the commitment of in-person classes. You can work at your own pace, without having to slow down or speed up to the speed of other learners.

Easy to Complete

Today’s technology makes it easy to learn from the comfort of your own couch. Submit assignments and take exams online. And when you need answers or advice about coursework, your teacher is just a click, email or phone call away!


One of the biggest benefits of an online forensics course is its lower cost in comparison to a class taken at a traditional school. You save money on transportation, fees, housing and you can continue to work while you learn.

Are You Ready for More Training in Forensic Science?  

Check out the Forensic Science distance learning course at Stratford Career Institute. This convenient and affordable online course will leave you well prepared to begin a college course in forensic science or help you decide if a career as a crime scene investigator may be in your future. 



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Interested in Taking a Forensic Training Course?

Interested in Taking a Forensic Training Course?

Explore a career in forensic science by taking our distance learning course.