Do you know forensic scientists uses physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, and engineering every day?

A forensic scientist uses these subjects to analyze the evidence found on a crime scene.

They use science to help come to a conclusion about what happened at the scene of a crime.

If you’re interested in taking online courses in forensic science, read on!

Online Courses in Forensic Science

Forensics science courses introduce students to on-the-job tools used by forensic scientists every day. A good online course covers the basics of collecting and analyzing evidence. It might also talk about the important role of science in today’s criminal investigations. Stratford Career Institute’s Forensic Science online course exposes students to the fundamentals of the field. Taking this course can help you find out if forensic science may be the right career option for you.

Intro to Forensic Science

Physical evidence holds the key to crime scene investigation. Most courses introduce the many types and properties of physical evidence and the methods of testing it. You will likely also take a closer look at firearms and ballistics, fingerprints, hair, and DNA profiling. A solid foundation in science is also very important. So, in general, a course will review chemistry, physics, electricity, anatomy/physiology, pharmacology, math and how they all relate to forensic science.


Another basic of the field is criminalistics, or the tests, and techniques used to connect the evidence to the crime. A good course can offer an introduction to crime scene investigation and the processing of physical evidence, as well as discusses specific types of evidence like hair and fiber, glass, and even soil. It may also cover how the physical characteristics, or forensic properties, of the items, are determined.

Crime Scene Investigation

After reviewing the basics, a course may also cover crime scene investigation. You might first become familiar with on the scene safety and the duties and ethics of first responders. Then you might learn the detailed approach top CSI investigators take when processing a crime scene.

In the Lab

Finally, every forensic scientist needs a good grasp of lab basics. In the lab, the forensic investigation takes the scientific processing of evidence to the next level. Having a better understanding of how forensic investigators handle scenes involving blood pattern analysis, death, and the use of arson or explosives might also be good information to gain.

Are You Ready to Learn More?

Stratford Career Institute’s Forensic Science online learning course is a great way to learn the basics of forensics science and explore career options in the field. In this convenient course you can learn all about forensic science careers at your own pace. 

Source: National Insititute of Justice


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Explore a Career in Forensic Science

Explore a Career in Forensic Science

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