learn about beautyIf you are considering beauty school and want to learn about beauty, a beauty course is a great first step.

A beauty course provides background knowledge of hair and skincare, an important foundation for any stylist.

Combining that background knowledge with a thorough understanding of the salon business, and you’ll be well on your way towards a career helping people look and feel their best.


When imagining work as a stylist, most people think about working with hair.

In a beauty course, you will learn to sculpt a variety of beautiful hairstyles. You will also learn how to add perms, braids, and bridal updos to your repertoire.

Hair textures, types, lengths, and even chemistry play an important role in hair health. So in addition, you will also learn about balancing the chemical processes involved in perms, dyes, and highlights.


Skincare is another essential taught in a well-rounded beauty course.

The healthy functioning of skin and hair are the basis of a solid beauty routine.

There are several important fundamentals to learn for instructing people how to best care for their skin:

  • What is the function of the skin and hair?
  • Which ingredients are best for radiant and healthy skin and hair?
  • What are the disadvantages of cheap ingredients and the benefits of switching to natural alternatives?
  • What goes into premium salon products, and why they are better?

As a stylist, implementing skin care treatments is an easy way to expand your offerings beyond hair styling.

An online beauty course will teach you how to add services like full facials and skin treatments to increase client satisfaction and revenue.


The kind of makeup you use can completely change the perception of a hairstyle and overall look.

A beauty course can teach you how to match makeup and hair tones and use the right tools to create a stunning makeup look. Stylists use a variety of sponges and brushes for foundation, fluffy powder, concealer, blush, flat eye-shadow, small blending, lip, and precision angles.

Business Skills

In addition to beauty basics, a beauty course should teach a stylist the keys to running a successful business.


It is the stylist’s job to guide people’s choices and properly communicate how to maintain hair and skin care routines.

Active listening skills help determine exactly what the client needs and wants. A stylist should also to be able to connect the dots when the customer doesn’t clearly communicate what they want. They often stop clients from making disastrous decisions! A beauty course will teach you how to thoughtfully guide clients to solutions that work for their hair and skin type.

Business Management

Stylists only earn money when their business is well managed. A beauty course should leave a stylist well versed in all aspects of the styling business from initial client consultations to basic business tasks.

Business know-how in the form of appointment scheduling, budgeting, accounts, taxes, employee management, payroll, schedules, and benefits are the skills that help a stylist succeed.

Where Can I Enroll in an Online Beauty Course?

Are you ready to learn about beauty and enroll in an online distance learning course?

Stratford Career Institute offers a comprehensive Beauty Care course that will leave you prepared with a solid foundation of beauty practices.

Use what you learn at home or as a stepping stone for a career in beauty care.

Enroll today to get started!


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