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careers in beauty careThe beauty care industry always seems to be expanding. Whether it is a new product or activity, people want to look their best.

This is great news for anyone looking for work in the world of beauty care.

Especially since there are many levels of employment and three main areas of concentration.

They consist of hair care, nail care, and skin care/make-up.

A course Stratford Career Institute can help individuals interested in learning more about these types of careers take the first step toward gaining the necessary skills and knowledge for entry-level positions.

Although a class can help you learn the fundamentals, most areas of study require some sort of licensing, and a course offered online is NOT going to provide that licensure.

Here are just a few careers in beauty care that may be of interest to you.

Hair Care

Many people have an interest in working hair care. It is a unique opportunity to use both creative and practical skills on a daily basis.

Whether you wish to learn how to cut and dye hair, want to help with washing and drying, or simply love creating unique hairstyles, individuals both young and old are always in need of assistance with hair care. And with beards becoming more common among even the younger generations, there is a whole other set of trimming, shaping, sculpting, and maintenance.

Combining fundamental education courses with proper beauty school licensing could allow you to get a job working in a salon or shop. There are usually multiple salons in most towns and cities, and schedules are usually flexible. Depending on where you work and what kind of work you’re doing, hair care positions can be plentiful and profitable.

Skin Care/Makeup

As the population continues to age, more and more people are looking to professionals to help them maintain a youthful appearance, as well as stay healthy and protect their skin from damage.

Careers in skin care basically revolve around moisturizing skin and helping to hide wrinkles and other age marks. A skin care professional can people learn how to properly care for their skin as well as more professionally apply make-up as the two often go hand-in-hand.

Skin care professionals can work for salons or stores or even as individual consultants. Some may work in malls catering to walk-in clients. Makeup artists can follow the same path or also make a living by providing makeup services to wedding parties, or even working on television or film sets.


Pedicures and manicures involve taking care of the feet and hands, respectively. Both include filing, nail clipping, painting and more. Each can involve a lot of manual work, but both jobs, most often available at local nail salons, can be profitable. Pedicures and manicures can be performed to enhance the appearance of the feet and hands, but can also help keep them healthy.

If you’re looking to find a niche for yourself, a bit of education like that offered by Stratford Career Institute can help you to decide what career in beauty care may be right for you.

With a bit of education, you can decide what licenses you might like to pursue and what beauty services career will be best (and most profitable) for you.


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Explore Beauty Care Courses

Explore Beauty Care Courses

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