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is being an electrician hardAn electrician is a person who is responsible for designing, maintaining, inspecting, repairing or installing electrical systems and products.

As a result, electricians work on homes and businesses to ensure that the electrical system works safely and reliably.

If you are asking yourself “is being an electrician hard?” and wondering “is it the right career for me”, then learning more about what electricians are responsible for, the conditions they work in, the possibility of union membership, and an electrician’s schedule may help you decide.

So, is being an electrician hard?

Electrician Responsibilities

Electricians have a number of different responsibilities. Primarily, they are responsible for safely getting electricity from its source to a consumer or a business.

Specific tasks that electricians can be responsible for include:

  • Planning electrical systems
  • Installing wiring and support brackets
  • Installing electrical control systems and components
  • Creating electrical circuits
  • Interpreting blueprints and architectural plans
  • Inspecting electrical components
  • Upgrading out of date equipment
  • Working outdoors on power and telecom systems
  • Performing maintenance on electrical systems
  • Testing electrical systems to figure out what is or is not working
  • Training other electricians
  • Directing other electricians
  • Communicating with clients and other team members

Work Environment

Electricians work in a number of different places. Some of these working conditions can be dangerous if you’re not careful.

Electricians may work in buildings that are under construction or renovation, as well as outside. Many electricians may work primarily on different job sites, meaning that your commute time can change daily.

Since electricians can work independently or be part of a construction team, they often work with many different people and places. They can also be independent contractors or be employed by a small business.


Depending on where you live, many electricians may be a part of an electrician union.

In your area, electricians who are union members may get called to specific construction jobs and sites.

Non-union electricians may own their own business or work for a private company. You should research unions in your area to decide if joining a union is the best decision for you.


While electricians can have year-round work, not all electricians have regular hours and may find that they have little to do between jobs. Some electricians work on call and find themselves working on emergency repairs at odd hours outside of your usual 9 to 5 time slot.

Learn More About Being an Electrician

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Become an Electrician

Become an Electrician

You can become an electrician! Start with an introductory course on the basics of electricians’ work.