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how dangerous is being an electricianElectricians are consistently exposed to the dangers of electricity throughout their workday.

It is interesting to note, however, that electricity is not to blame for the majority of injuries seen in the trade.

This extreme variety of job sites and working conditions are what make a job as an electrician risky, not necessarily the exposure to electricity.

So how dangerous is being an electrician?

What are the Dangers and Risks?

Depending on the job, or even the day, electricians might work indoors or outdoors, at homes, businesses, and construction sites.

They often need to crawl into tight spaces or climb up high on a ladder to get to the places where electrical work needs to be done.

Electricians are most often hurt from falls, electrical burns, exposure to toxic materials, and even face increased risks from working in small tight spaces and varying outdoor conditions.


Falls are common for electrical workers who often need to perform work on a rooftop or reach overhead power lines. They also need to access electrical wiring in attics and ceilings. Working in these high places puts an electrician at increased risk of falls.

Electric Shock

Electric shock is one of the most serious injuries faced by an electrician. This type of shock happens when a sudden discharge of electricity runs through a part of the body.

Complications of electric shock can include severe burns, confusion, trouble breathing, interruption of heart rhythm, cardiac arrest, muscle pain and contractions, seizures, loss of consciousness and even death.


Electrocution occurs in extreme cases of electrical shock that result in death. Even exposure to a just a small amount of current can result in death. Although it is a risk, fortunately, electrocution is not as common as other injuries.

Electrical Burns

An electrical burn is a burn to skin or tissues caused by electric shock. Typically damage is only seen on the surface of the skin. However, a more extreme burn can sometimes damage deeper tissue and even nerves.

Working Safely With Electricity

So…i s being an electrician dangerous?

While some tasks performed by an electrician are inherently dangerous, many risks can be avoided by taking proper safety precautions. Safety is a big responsibility for everyone working in the field. One way to reduce accidents and injuries is to closely follow all procedures and safety recommendations outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA). All electricians are required to undergo OHSA training.

An electrician can also do a few simple things to increase their own safety on the job like making sure the power and the switch or circuit breaker is turned off before starting work, always using the most updated safety tools, and wearing the right personal protective equipment.

Learn More about a Job as an Electrician

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Want to Become an Electrician?

Want to Become an Electrician?

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