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interior decorator salary

People often wonder, How much do interior decorators make?

According to, an interior decorator salary, on average, is about $40,000 per year.

You only need a high school diploma to become an interior decorator, although there are many certifications, design courses, and even a degree in interior design you can complete.

In fact, The Spruce highly recommends aspiring interior designers obtain a Bachelor’s degree.

Taking the time to complete any form of this training will likely earn you a higher interior decorator salary.

The logic behind it is simple, too. People want an interior designer willing to go the extra mile to make their space fabulous.

Taking the time to earn a formal education and certification can signal to your potential client that you meet that desire.

There are multiple kinds of interior decorators. Another advantage to taking courses in the discipline is that you can decide which specialty of interior design you prefer.

Kind of Interior Decorators

All Interior decorators work with both residential and commercial clients. Interior decorators use furniture, room layout, light fixtures, color scheme, and accessories to make spaces more appealing. 

However, some similarities between kinds of interior decorating stop there. Interior decorators can work with both residential and commercial clients. 

Residential Interior Designers

For residential clients, interior decorators decorate clients’ homes. These kinds of interior decorators are tasked with creating a stylish living space that is comfortable and functional. 

Commercial Interior Designers

For commercial clients, interior decorators focus on office spaces, communal gathering areas, and retail stores. Clients who seek to design a commercial space likely want the decorator to have productivity and efficiency in mind.

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to limit yourself to one type of interior decorating. You can absolutely serve various types of clients.

You should, however, be mindful of building your experience in certain areas of design and cultivating your clientele. After all, those are two major factors that influence an interior designer’s salary.

Interior Decorator Salary Considerations

When it comes to an interior decorator salary, there are a variety of factors to consider. Laid out below are ways to earn a higher salary as an interior decorator.

Experience Level

An interior decorator with  experience will earn more than interior decorators just entering the industry.

You can gain experience with an interior design firm, as a freelance interior decorator, or working as an interior decorator for a specific store or company.

Having diverse experience decorating for different clients and spaces will make you a better interior decorator. The more knowledge you have, the higher your interior decorator salary will be.

You can also earn a more substantial interior decorator salary with certifications and design courses. This extra training will teach you how to be a better interior decorator. It will also make you a more desirable job candidate to potential employers.

Where You Work

As an interior decorator, the location where you work will earn you a higher interior decorator salary. Interior decorators who work in highly populated areas will have more options for work since there is a greater need for their skills.

Interior designers who live in

  • Orlando, Florida,
  • New York City, New York, and
  • Seattle, Washington

Make the most money for interior designer salary. 

Additionally, the salaries of your client pool can influence your work options as an interior decorator.

If you live in a high-income area, people likely have more expendable income. Therefore, you will likely see higher demand for luxuries like interior decorators.


Interior decorators can have a diverse set of clients if they decorate residential and commercial spaces.

Working for high-end retail stores and businesses will earn a commercial interior decorator a higher salary. For residential interior decorators, their interior decorator salary will be higher if they are an experienced freelance contractor. 

Who You Work For

If you work for an interior design firm, bringing in clients will make you a valuable asset to the company. Being a leader at the company and finding clients to work with will help you earn more money.

On the flipside, if you start your own interior design business, you can control your clientele and prices.

You will have to build your network from scratch and handle the business side of things if you go down this route. However, many people think the freedom of owning their own business outweighs any minor inconveniences. 

Of course, a high salary isn’t everything. If you find that you enjoy interior decorating, especially during or after taking interior design courses, you should stick with the profession. You will likely build your reputation and repertoire quickly.

Career Growth as an Interior Decorator

An interior designer that is just starting out should expect to work long hours for perhaps lower-than-desired pay. However, quickly proving your eye for design and cultivating a group of clients can increase your pay and decrease your work hours.

The QC Design School reports that after a decade of working as an interior designer, you will likely have clients requesting your services. This means you’ll be able to pick the projects you want and have control over your schedule. 

If this is your goal as an interior designer, it is worth it to stick it out for the first couple of years paying your dues.

Interested in a Career as an Interior Decorator?

Take a look at Stratford Career Institute’s interior decorating course. You will learn everything you need to know about what to expect in a career as an interior decorator, including:

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  • Furniture selection and arrangement,
  • Definition of interior design and responsibilities of an interior designer,
  • Traits and knowledge required by interior designers,
  • Development of the interior design profession,
  • The design process and scope of services,
  • The construction process of interior decorating, and
  • Materials and further topics for the interior decorator.

Our course is a great starting point for people considering a career as an interior designer. Especially if you are hesitant for any reason, this course can help you determine whether you are passionate about interior decorating.

If you are ready to begin learning about all things interior design, enroll in our interior decorator course today!


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Explore an Interior Decorator Career

Explore an Interior Decorator Career

Do you have an eye for design and an interest in creating aesthetically pleasing spaces? Check out our interior decorating course to get started!