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Like playing with colors, fabrics and textures? You might have just the right personality and skill set for an interior decorator.

how to become an interior decoratorHowever, even if you’ve built the perfect interior in your own home, you can’t just jump into the career without having some education and a portfolio. Here is how to become an interior decorator.

Step 1: Is this Really What You Want to Do?

You might like decorating your own home, but is this something you want to do for others? A career is built on several years of experience, so it must be something you truly like to do. You need interpersonal skills, an innate ability to detect the right color schemes, and a love for fabrics and design. You should want to build a career on these skill sets so that you can enjoy your choice.

Step 2: Take a Course

You can be great at interior decorating, but you probably don’t know all the professional aspects of the career. A course can help you get a better foundation for the necessary requirements you need to take clients. You don’t even need to take an onsite course. You can take a distance learning course online to allow you to study and learn on your own time.

Step 3: Learn from a Professional

Step two is importantĀ because this step usually requires a bit of education before you can start your career in the workplace. Like many other jobs, the best way to start a career is to learn from someone with years of experience. You can either take a paid internship, a free internship or search for a full-time position as a beginner. By taking a course, you have an advantage over other applicants with no education.

Step 4: Learn as Much as You Can, Because Competition is Tough

Some careers have little competition, but interior decoration isn’t one of them. It’s why taking a course and learning from a professional with experience should be two of your top priorities. Most professionals have years of experience with a long, elegant portfolio and this is your competition.

Your competition is what will take clients from you. Your education will give you an advantage over them since these courses teach you many of the tricks of the trade that can’t be taught by self-learning. In every career, there is an essence of trial and error, so be ready to make mistakes. However, the right course and experience will help you avoid many of the common mistakes that new interior decorators make.

Once you get over those first year hurdles, you can start to make a rewarding career. Interior decorators can enjoy years in the industry, and the good news is that fashion changes seasonally, which means you get to learn new techniques and decorating ideas every year. Your clients will appreciate your hard work and effort, and before long you’ll have a beautiful portfolio that beats the competition.

Take an Interior Decorating Course

At the Stratford Career Institute, we offer a course on interior decorating. Enroll today to jump-start your career and learn even more about how to become an interior decorator.


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Learn More About Our Interior Decorating Course

Learn More About Our Interior Decorating Course

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