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how to become an artist

Art today can be just about anything. Yet people still wonder how to become an artist.

Thankfully, there are no formal requirements to become a fine artist. However, most fine artists take art classes at least through high school. An artist who truly wants to refine their skills can take art classes at a junior college or even get a bachelor’s degree in art, art history, or fine art.

So, what does it take to be an artist?

Take Art Classes

Although you only need to consider yourself an artist to be one, many artists who want to make a career out of producing art take art classes. These classes will not only refine your skills, but they will also give you insight into the art industry. You can even make connections that will help further your career.

While taking art classes, try and sell some of the work you produce. Attend art shows to find people and places that buy and sell art similar to yours. Getting involved with shows is an excellent way to discover places where you can sell your art. You can also approach galleries in your area and ask if you can display your work there.

Study Other Artists

One of the best ways to learn art is by studying the masters’ work. Head to an art museum or gallery, buy or rent a book, or research online to view and study great artists’ pieces. Read their biographies, and, if possible, their philosophies towards art. Even simply learning from experienced artists in your area is a great way to see how professionals operate. Getting to know local artists is a great way to find customers and to break into the art industry.

Market Your Artistic Services

No matter what kind of art you make, you need to market your art and the services you offer. The better you are at marketing yourself, the more well known your artwork will be. Eventually, customers will be seeking you out for original work and commissions.

Some standard artistic services include:

  • Portraits,
  • Landscape paintings,
  • Abstract art, and
  • Photography.

Marketing your art and services on websites or social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and even your website are great ways to get more business. Make sure you engage with your customers and fans as you grow an online presence. Marketing solidifies you in the local art community and slowly increases your profits.

Build On Your Reputation

Once you have begun selling and market your work, you need to continue to build upon your reputation in the art industry. To create a solid reputation, work to keep customers satisfied by sticking to deadlines and any commission guidance. 

You should also continue to produce original artwork. Having a good mix of both original and commissioned work shows your skills; it is an important aspect of how to become an artist.

As your reputation grows, collectors will seek you out your work. Having a solid reputation helps spread your name within the industry and increase your profits. 

Interested in a Career as a Professional Artist?

Check out Stratford Career Institute’s online distance learning course about art. You will learn everything you need to know about art and a career as an artist in an online art course, including:

  • An introduction to art and drawing,
  • The elements of design,
  • Painting with pastels,
  • Composition and color,
  • Painting from photographs,
  • Basic watercolor tools and materials,
  • Dark staining, light staining, and non-staining colors,
  • Wet and blot lifting, edge blending, and back runs,
  • Application of various watercolor techniques,
  • Use of palette knives and brush handles,
  • Reflective paints, magical effects, and finishing sheens,
  • Capturing the illusion of three dimensions, and
  • Creating a still life, landscape, and portrait painting.

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Interested in Becoming an Artist?

Interested in Becoming an Artist?

Expand on your artistic knowledge and learn how to apply it by enrolling in our distance-learning course!