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It is unfortunate that addiction is an ongoing crisis, one that we constantly hear about in our news feeds or on TV. With continued access to drugs and alcohol, it seems there is an indefinite need for individuals trained as addiction specialists to help those suffering with drug abuse.

If you have an interest in this career field or want to learn more about how to help a family member or friend, the good news is that there are educational opportunities for you to learn more about how to become a drug and alcohol treatment specialist.

Becoming An Addiction Specialist

Many addiction specialists simply need to undergo some sort of coursework to meet minimal requirements. In some parts of North America, licensure may also be required.

Some colleges offer two and even four-year courses of study in addiction, though these can be expensive and take quite some time to attain.

Distance learning schools such as Stratford Career Institute offer a comprehensive look at the fundamentals of this career field. While this type of course cannot provide licensing, it can provide the basis for entry level work in this field.


No matter what, some amount of coursework in addiction is necessary for someone who hopes to find a career as an Addiction Specialist.

In general, this coursework can include some basic understanding of society, social issues and how they impact the individual (and the perception of addictions in a society), and understanding basic psychology involved in the process of becoming addicted.

Of course, the education required to become an Addiction Specialist can also require understanding the narcotics, stimulants, hallucinogens, inhalants, and the myriad of other things that people are addicted to. This also means understanding the actual impact of these substances upon people who take them, both physical and mental.

Finally, a prospective Addiction Specialist may have to learn about how to lead people to make the choice to break the cycle of addiction that they are stuck in. This can require working with families, working in groups, and working in teams to change behaviors and avoid self-identified triggers for the undesirable behavior.

Finding An Addiction Specialist Job

Once you’ve completed an appropriate course of study to become a drug and alcohol specialist (such as the one offered by Stratford Career Institute), you may still need to get some sort of license to be able to offer those services. That may include additional education or other certifications as required by law.

In general, an Addiction Specialist may work for a private or public agency, a non-profit group, medical centers, counseling centers and more.

Considering a Career as an Addiction Specialist?

With the right education, and a bit of effort, you could make a difference in someone’s life, and help them get off a self-destructive path.

Start learning more about this career with Stratford Career Institute’s Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist course home study course today.


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Become an Addiction Specialist

Become an Addiction Specialist

Are you interested in becoming an addiction specialist? Learn more about addiction specialists and what they do in our distance learning course.