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Hair stylist skills

Working as a salon stylist can lead to an enjoyable and rewarding career. No two days are the same as a hairstylist, and there are always new clients looking for the freshest styles.

Many hairstylist skills are needed to be successful in a career as a hairdresser. Most of these skills are taught at a beauty school. But, you’ll most likely master many of these skills once you find a position as a salon stylist.

If you want to make it in this fast-paced field, there are some essential hairdresser skills you need to succeed. Here are some of the most important qualities of a hairdresser.

Listening Skills

Before any hair gets cut at a hairdresser appointment, a salon stylist needs to listen to their client. That way, everyone is on the same page about the style that the client wants. Hairdressers need to be especially alert for the minor details the client wants.

Hairdressers who are good listeners know that cutting hair and styling to the client’s specification is when you understand how they want to look.

After the client lets you know the style they want, the hairdresser still needs to be an attentive listener. Many clients use their appointment as a time to talk about their problems. Being a good listener will put clients at ease for the duration of their appointment. 

Communication Skills

Beyond listening to clients, hairdressers need to have excellent communication with the rest of the salon employees. Everyone needs to work together to answer phone calls, clean work stations, and greet incoming clients. Communicating effectively helps the entire salon run smoothly and is one of the most crucial hairstylist skills.


Another one of the most necessary hairstylist skills is adaptability. Hairdressers need to adapt their haircutting skills to match the fashion trends of the day. New trends in the industry can include new popular styles every year plus updates to the tools and techniques hairdressers need to comprehend.

Technical Skills

To be a great hairdresser, you need to have excellent technical skills. Having good technical skills means that you master all the tools a hairdresser uses. Scissors, razor blades, and electronic buzzers are just a few of the many tools a hairdresser uses to provide top quality haircuts and fashionable styles. 


As a hairdresser, you could have more than ten appointments in a day. That is why you need to keep yourself, your workstation, and your hair cutting equipment clean. There is always loose hair all over salons during the workday. So, keeping everything as clean as possible is an important quality of a hairdresser.

Sales Skills

Hairdressers are the leading salespeople for the salon where they work since they bring in new clients and sell the products displayed in the salon. You need to be a good salesperson if you want to have clients and sell merchandise in the salon.

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Ready to Take the Next Step?

Ready to Take the Next Step?

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