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steps to advance careerWhether you’re new to a field or a 10-year veteran, you might come to a point in your career where you’ll want to know if you can advance further. No one wants to get stuck in the same position with no opportunities to improve, so most people start looking towards education and degrees. Busy people don’t have the time to spend hours on campus, so distance learning can have a competitive edge. The question is, though, will it actually work?

Distance learning has advanced in the last several years. What you need is the right motivation, time, and course to advance your career.

The Right Distance Learning Course Makes You Stand Out from Competition

Job hunting involves the right marketing, skill set and resume. Every other applicant is your competition. The only way you can stand out is to have a little something extra than all of the other applicants. A distance learning course can be the one resume factor that outshines the competition. Sometimes, it’s just one factor that beats the competition in the job hunting market.

Put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes. You would probably get dozens of resumes for the same position. You need to find the right applicant that includes the right skill set, personality, and experience. Most industries have several people vying for the same positions, so the ones that have the best experience are shortlisted. You then find the shortlisted ones that stand out the most. Any type of education in the field can be a deciding factor in this instance.

Distance Learning Advantages

Once you determine that you want to add to your resume, you can then decide if you want to take a local class or an online class. Distance learning has its advantages over local classes.

The first advantage that most people appreciate is that you can take these classes on your own time. Busy professionals generally work 9:00am to 5:00pm. They can’t take day classes, and even night classes can be difficult to attend. Distance learning gives you the option to log in to a website, study, read, and even take tests. Communication is also done online, so you can determine the best time for your studies.

The ability to learn online is also beneficial for people with restricted mobility. These students can learn from the comforts of home rather than find ways to get to a local class.

The flexibility and convenience are the two main advantages for distant learners who would otherwise be stuck in a career with little ability to advance further.

Choose Your Own Path

The traditional on-campus setting is no longer the only way to advance in your career. You still need the motivation and time to finish these courses, but you have a lot less demanding structure that makes it difficult for an adult with several responsibilities to attend courses.

A distance learning course can boost your career provided you choose the right one. Take a course that focuses on your experience and industry. Find one that works with your schedule and gives you flexibility. And finally, always use a company or school that provides you with the best tools and education that you can use in your current and future positions. Learn more about how Stratford Career Institute can help you gain the knowledge that could lead to a brighter future.


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