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what is a secretarySecretaries generally don’t get a positive portrayal in media, but secretaries are very important in offices.

They act as something of a buffer between the boss, an executive, and the rest of the company.

An executive is likely too busy to spend time writing emails, planning their own air travel, or taking meetings with every employee.

But what exactly is a secretary and what do they do?

They Are an Assistant

First and foremost, a secretary, sometimes known as an ‘Administrative Assistant,’ is an assistant. The job exists to make the life of the executive easier.

An administrative assistant’s or secretary’s duties vary greatly depending on the place of employment. An assistant at a mechanic’s office will most likely have different duties than someone in a corporate law office.

Regardless, secretaries are there to assist with the tasks at hand. This can mean everything from helping them with small items to helping prepare important presentations.

They Plan Air Travel

For many big businesses, air travel, especially for executives, is an integral part of their operations.

With clients meetings and conferences to attend, many higher-ranking individuals in big businesses spend time planning air travel. Of course, if the executives are doing their jobs properly, then they don’t have the time to plan their travel itinerary. Instead, they need to have an assistant who can do that for them, and preferably one who has worked with them long enough to know their travel preferences.

They Ensure Smooth Communication

A good secretary assures that communication is smooth and that only the people who actually need to see the executive are able to do so.

Take a Secretarial Course

If you’re looking to get into the world of secretarial work, it might be in your best interest to take an online secretarial course, such as the one offered by the Stratford Career Institute. An online course can offer a bit of training in advance of applying for the position.

This can also make you a more desirable employee and could help you get the job you desire.



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