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If you need a bouquet to celebrate a special day (such as Valentine’s Day, for example) with your sweetheart, a floral designer will provide such a bouquet.

If you need a tasteful floral arrangement for a funeral, a floral designer puts it together for you. A floral designer can offer you many floral arrangements to fit the mood of any event. This ranges from a simple rose to an ornate piece for adorning a funeral and commemorating a long life.

Floral Design Artist Floral designers are continuing a legacy of ritualistically and artistically arranging flowers that is present throughout much of history. The practice started as far back as ancient Egypt.

Modern floral design combines many of these traditions together to create the beautiful and artistic arrangements today. The weave European, Asian, and Western traditions together.

So, what is a floral designer?

An Artist

First and foremost, the art of floral design is simply that – an art, and an expressive one at that.

Floral designers take simple flowers and turn them into art that can convey a multitude of emotions. With the addition of a simple ribbon, they can turn a bouquet into a vehicle for expressing joy or sorrow. With the use of an appropriate container or vase, they can turn a handful of green plants into a beautiful centerpiece that is sure to spark a conversation.

A career as a floral designer is not a simple one. However, it is one filled with a life of artistic endeavor and fulfillment. A good florist, a truly talented florist, can take simple flowers and use them to transport a viewer to a different mood entirely. In this way, all great floral designers are artists.

A Businessperson

Many floral designers who spend most of their days making beautiful flor arrangements are also small business owners who run their own business in the morning and late at night. They manage inventory, make various payments to the people who provide them with the equipment and supplies they need to make their arrangements, and also pay taxes.

Running a business of any size is not easy, however. There is overhead to consider, as well as expenses, and perhaps even pay for employees. It’s a complex task to run a business, and anyone hoping to run their own small floral design business will need to have a bit of education in running a small business if they hope to be successful in the long run.

A Farmer or Floral Supplier

Not all floral designers grow their own flowers. In almost every major city in America, a floral designer can find a supplier for the flowers that they will need to ply their trade.

However, many do grow their own flowers, in order to ensure quality and to keep costs down. Growing your own flowers means that you will also be able to manipulate them into growing in particular shapes if you desire, which can be useful for a floral designer.

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Explore Floral Design

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