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wedding consultant careerFor anyone who has ever planned a wedding themselves, it is one of the most difficult challenges in their lives.

There’s so much to take care of, after all: catering, venue, music, perhaps even a bar or a live band, seating arrangements, and more.

For people who are just hoping to enjoy their wedding day, it can make the weeks leading up to the wedding simply awful.

A wedding consultant is someone who helps to ease that burden on the prospective bride and groom, allowing them to enjoy the time with their families and the celebration of their love without worrying about the nuts and bolts of the event.

A wedding consultant also helps the bride and groom to get the wedding that they want, the event that they want, and helps to organize the event just right for them.  Here are a few things that a wedding consultant will do to help them with their day.

Find a Venue

Most women have dreams of having a wedding in a beautiful venue, whether it’s a local building of renown or a beautifully-manicured outdoor space.

However, it’s sometimes hard to find the right venue, and it can be even more difficult to find the appropriate venue on a budget.

A well-connected wedding consultant will be able to help the married couple-to-be find the right venue for them. In addition, within their budget, whether it’s an indoor venue in a posh building or an outdoor venue with lush grass.  The venue sets the tone for a wedding, after all, and it is one of the most important choices in setting up an event.

Figure Out Food, Catering, and Drinks

Setting up food for a large group is a logistical nightmare.

Especially, in the age of ‘gluten allergies’ and numerous fad diets.  Some people will want the classic ‘beef/chicken/fish,’ but others will want to offer food for everyone, even vegans and those who won’t eat gluten of any sort.

Finding someone who can cater for a wedding can be difficult.  It’s even more difficult to find someone who can cater specific dietary needs.  In some areas, it can be almost impossible to find a caterer who can provide catering that is kosher, halal, or meets very other religious requirements.

A good wedding consultant can help find the right caterer for the reception, and even help to shape n appropriate menu.

Further, most receptions server alcohol. However, there are so many questions as to what kind of alcohol service a wedding reception should provide.  Open bar, or cash bar?  What kind of liquor is appropriate?  What quality of liquor is appropriate (and affordable on the wedding budget)?  Who will actually operate the bar and serve quality drinks?  Will they be able to make the wide variety of mixed drinks people seem to ask for at weddings?

An experienced wedding consultant lives to help set up the right bar, with the right bartenders, and the right drinks.  After all, the reception needs that lubrication to get ladies and gentlemen to the dance floor!

Reception Planning

Planning the reception generally involves the management of far more ‘moving parts’ than planning the ceremony itself.  One of the most important parts of the reception is music.

But there are many choices there, too.  Does the couple want live music? If so, what kind of music, from ‘radio rock’ to a classically-trained string quartet or even a seven-piece ska band that knows a few classics (like the ukulele version of ‘Over the Rainbow’).

What about a DJ?  Someone who will spin the music of the time, but also occasionally play a song that parents and grandparents can enjoy?

Worse still, musicians are infamously flaky and bad at coordinating, so last-minute cancellations are fairly common.  A great wedding consultant will handle these last-minute cancellations, and will ensure that there is someone agreeable to play music at the reception.

Explore a New Wedding Consultant Career

A wedding consultant helps to set up and maintain the most important day in people’s lives.  It’s also a lucrative career that pays great dividends for those who partake.

If you’re looking to become a wedding consultant, a great way to start is with an online course that covers the basics, such as those offered by Stratford Career Institute.


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Explore Wedding Consultant Courses

Explore Wedding Consultant Courses

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