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Exploring the Career of a Floral Designer

What Does a Floral Designer Do? The life of a floral designer is an interesting one, one that utilizes natural elements and human ingenuity to weave gorgeous patterns that people can enjoy and that can represent various feelings. However, many people, especially those not blessed with a green thumb, may not be aware of what a floral designer actually does.

For many floral designers, the work they do isn’t a job; it’s living artwork, as well as a calling.

A great floral designer seeks to offer not just artwork, but to convey emotions with that artwork. They can create a bouquet to celebrate or mark an occasion, or they can make an arrangement to assuage sorrow.

But as with every other job, there is an element of business to the life of a floral designer. So, here are a few things that a floral designer does, a few of which you may not usually think about.

Grow Their Own Plants

Not every floral designer does this, of course, but some of the best floral designers in the nation do. Growing the plants that they will turn into arrangements is not only a more in-depth process, it also provides the ability to grow unusually-colored flowers.

Further, flowers, as with any plant, can grow into certain shapes with proper manipulation and effort. This is easy to accomplish for those with experience and who are willing to put in the extra bit of effort.

Now, some floral designers simply purchase their flowers from local vendors, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But there is something truly special about growing the flowers that a floral designer will work with, rather than purchasing them.

Craft Arrangements

Of course, this is the thing that most everyone would think that a floral designer does. Yes, they spend a good portion of their day taking flowers and doing the actual work of ‘floral designing.’

This can mean working with a variety of different flowers in order to convey the right emotions or working with the proper medium on which (or in which) to mount the flowers.

Understand How To Pick The Right Vase

The vase the flowers go into is almost as important as picking the right flowers. Is a trapezoidal, cubic vase the right one, or is it best to go with a classic vase? How about something brightly colored and with a flourish to it?

A good floral designer will have multiple vases on hand they can work with and will be adept at utilizing them to get the proper look for the piece or arrangement they’re putting together.

Understand How To Properly Adorn The Flowers

Simply putting the flowers together is not all that the floral designer will do to them, though. They will also make sure that the flowers are properly adorned.

Sometimes, this can require the addition of a few sprigs of something hardy but pliable, with a wooden texture to it. Other times, this will mean using ribbons to bring the entire piece together (and to hold portions in place).

Run Their Business

Many floral designers work hard on their designs. They’re putting these together daily, but many also run their own business.

This means that they may be keeping careful track of inventory, for example. In fact, keeping a watchful eye on inventory is especially important for a floral designer, as promising an arrangement to someone and finding out that they’re short on the flowers to make the arrangement can have a catastrophic impact on the person who trusted the designer with their important floral arrangement or bouquet.

Running a business also requires a certain amount of knowledge on basic business practices. Many people do not have this kind of knowledge, but it is important.

So where can someone go to get this kind of information? Well, there are courses likely offered at local schools, and there are online courses, like those offered at Stratford Career Institute that cover both the artistic and business aspects involved in a floral design career.

If you find the idea of living life as a floral designer an intriguing one, be sure to get the appropriate education before setting off on that journey. You’ll be glad you did.


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