reasons to learn frenchHave you ever asked yourself, “Why should I learn French?”

Learning to speak a foreign language can change the way you learn, travel and experience life.

Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons to learn French.

10. Learning French Helps Your Brain Grow

Studies have proven that there are numerous cognitive benefits to learning a foreign language. People who know more than one language benefit from a bigger brain. This means that you can enhance your:

  • Memory, 
  • Creativity, and 
  • Problem-solving skills.

Learning a second language, like French, helps your brain learn to recall specific pieces of information. This inherently improves your memory.

Additionally, speaking French uses a specific part of your brain. This enhances your creative and problem-solving abilities by encouraging divergent thinking. Your brain will become more apt to originality, flexibility, elaboration, and fluency. 

Additionally, The National Institute of Health reports those who reach bilingual status are even able to switch between tasks faster than those who only know one language.

9. French is a World Language

The French language is spoken on all five continents. According to the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, French is the official language of 29 countries and there are over 220 million French speakers worldwide.

Plus, since French, Spanish, and Italian are all based in Latin, you might be able to understand some of the other two languages once you reach a level of fluency with French.

8. French is the Second Most Learned Language (after English)

Why should I learn French? French is the only language other than English taught in every country in the world, making it a popular choice for international communications.

Schools and universities around the world teach the French language to over 100 million people every day.

If you find yourself longing to travel, French is one of the best languages to learn. Because French is so widely taught, you will likely be able to find someone who can communicate with you in most places that you want to visit.

There are many benefits to being able to communicate in a foriegn country, but the most important one is staying safe. Knowing the language can make a big difference when you are in a new place.

7. French Can Boost Your Career

If you’ve ever dreamt about a career abroad, the French language will get you there. France Diplomatie discusses how France is a big world economy, in fact, the fifth biggest.

Many companies in France and other French-speaking parts of the world seek out potential employees who speak both English and French.

Even if you aren’t hoping to work abroad, being bilingual will never hurt your resume.

At the very least, you can talk about your dedication to learning the language in your job interview. At its best, the skill could help you interact with customers more easily or earn you a spot on a business trip.

6. Exchange Opportunities

French schools often have counterparts in other countries making it easy to connect with French students from around the globe. Speaking French opens the door to numerous exchange programs and higher education opportunities.

France is home to some of the best educational programs in the world, including renowned institutions like Sorbonne University and Université de Paris.

If you are interested in enrolling in a French school, you can benefit a lot by learning the language ahead of submitting your application.

Not to mention knowing the language gives you a leg up for earning scholarships.

5. Travel to France and Around the World

People who ask about learning French why learn French often love to travel.

France is a world tourist destination, and learning the language will help you enjoy your trip. French is also useful when traveling to Africa, Switzerland, Canada, the Seychelles Islands and beyond!

Plus, even if you don’t plan to travel, learning French will allow you to speak to visitors in your country who speak the language.

4. French is the Language of International Relations

Interested in international relations? The United Nations, The European Union, UNESCO, NATO, the International Olympic Committee, the International Red Cross and international courts all use French as both a working and official language!

3. French Food and Culture

The language of cooking, fashion, theater, visual arts, dance, and architecture. Choosing to learn French as a language allows you to better understand and appreciate all the French culture has to offer.

As a byproduct of learning a language, you almost always learn about its culture and norms, too. For example, you can’t learn about French food without learning what a typical meal in the country looks like.

Similarly, you will learn about the history of ballet while learning the associated terminology. One of the best advantages of learning French is the accompanying understanding of its unique culture.

2. It’s Easy to Learn French

Once you begin to study French, it won’t be long before you reach a level where you can easily communicate with others in the language. Speaking French is also fun, its soft melodious rhythms easily roll off the tongue.

Of course, you aren’t going to perfect the accent and diction immediately. When you decide to learn French, remember to focus on the basics first. Once you understand how the language works, you can begin to put your own twist on it. 

If you find yourself experiencing trouble learning French, know that you’re not alone. Many people find learning a foriegn language more challenging than they anticipated. Stick with it, though! It will eventually click, and you will be conversing like a Parisian in no time. 

1. French, the Language of Love

French is an original romance language and shares traits such as word order, masculine and feminine gender and the use of definite and indefinite articles with many other languages.

One of the top reasons for learning French is that it provides the basis for language learning. When you learn French it opens up a whole new world of language learning opportunities!

As already mentioned, French, Spanish, and Italian are very similar because they are all based on Latin. Once you learn one of these languages, it is much easier to learn the others.

If you are interested in opening yourself up to the opportunity to be trilingual, that is yet another reason to learn French.

I Want to Learn French, How Can I Do It?

With so many reasons to learn French, take a look at Stratford Career Institute’s easy and affordable online program that helps beginners learn French As A Second Language.

In this program, you will gradually progress to a more advanced level of French at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.


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Learn French

Learn French

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