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Whether you are looking to run your own catering business or to work for a caterer under their direction, no one is going to hire someone with a weak resume. A good caterer resume should be filled with experience in kitchens, making large meals, and perhaps even work at restaurants or special events.

A good caterer resume will generally highlight two things: experience in the business, and education relevant to culinary work, cuisine, or making large meals.

Cooking Experience

Not just any cooking experience will do, of course. Whether you’re a caterer hoping to attract new customers or you’re a chef looking to get a job with an established caterer, cooking experience is important.

Working as a chef, prep chef, sous chef, really any kind of chef in a professional setting can help. Having a background in some specific sort of cuisine can also be a plus.

You could also have a background in prepping meat, even butchering meat, which might make you more attractive. If you’re running your own catering business, people trust that a butcher will know more about good cuts of meat for particular applications. If you’re looking to work for someone else, it is much cheaper for a caterer to purchase unbutchered meat than it is to buy it already prepared.

For those who are short on experience in the professional world, charities around the country almost always need someone to help prepare meals for the homeless. While these meals may not be the haute cuisine that many think of when they hear the word ‘catering,’ they are still decent meals, prepared in large quantities.

Relevant Education

Being a caterer doesn’t necessarily require a degree or years of formal education. Courses in catering from places like Stratford Career Institute can help, and an investment in some sort of culinary education can also be useful, but there is no actual requirement before getting a job as a caterer or opening your own catering business.

That being said, without basic knowledge of cooking, food preparation, food presentation, and basic business concepts, a caterer is not very likely to do well in the industry.

If you are in the unfortunate position of having your catering resume be a bit devoid of experience in the kitchen, you will need to show that you have some sort of culinary education. Without it, your chances of someone taking you seriously, whether they’re an employer or a possible catering client, are likely slim to none.

Bolstering an Average Resume

If you’re currently running a catering business and your public resume doesn’t look very impressive, it’s might be time to look into two specific things: charity work and competitions.

Most large cities have events multiple times a year where you can display your catering menu. Sometimes this is at wedding conventions, sometimes it’s simply a competition where people will rate your catered menu. A good showing at these events can work wonders.

As far as charitable work goes, there are always charity organizations that are looking for someone to cater events, and the lower you can drop your price, the better these often cash-strapped organizations might view you.

Interested in a Catering Career?

You should work to carefully build a resume that speaks of consistent work, quality food, and dependability. A great way to take the first step toward a career in catering is with Stratford Career Institute’s Cooking and Catering class today!


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Want to Become a Caterer?

Want to Become a Caterer?

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