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Getting a managerial job for a business, whether it is a large or small business, can be a difficult task. It’s much more difficult than applying for a non-leadership position. The reason is is that the responsibilities that come with it are greater. Of course, so is the paycheck. While many businesses will hire almost anyone for their entry-level positions, getting a job as a manager takes a bit more effort and finesse.

If you’re looking to find employment in a managerial position for a business, here are a few tips for the application process.

Update Your Resume

You need to have a resume for someone to even consider you for a manager position. Even if their website says otherwise, you should have a resume that you can attach. But what should you highlight in your resume to make yourself stand out? A few good things to have on your resume include:


  • First and foremost, when people are looking to hire someone for a manager position, they’re looking to see that you know what you’re doing. If you’ve got a relatable education, even if it isn’t collegiate, be sure to mention it.

Work Experience

  • List any previous employment/jobs or even volunteer experience that was the equivalent to a full or part-time job.

Military Service

  • Many businesses love to hire military veterans for a variety of reasons. Many individuals with military service have been trained in many areas of professional expertise as well as learned the importance of punctuality and manners.

Charity Work

  • Charity work shows empathy and commitment. If you can find the time to work a forty-hour week and work charitably as well, it suggests that you are capable of managing your time wisely.

Related Skills, Education, Certification, and/or License

  • This is where you mention things that are relatable to the job, but that is not necessarily thought of as such. Talk about licenses you hold that may relate to the job, special education you may have, certifications you may have received, things like that.

A great resume is important to getting the right impression across, and a good start to getting the interview for a manager position of your choosing.

Write A Cover Letter

There are many websites hiring for businesses these days, and some of them ask for or have room for, the uploading of a cover letter. If they ask for it, be sure to provide one. You can find more in-depth information about what a cover letter should contain elsewhere on the internet, but in general, you should treat your cover letter as a space to talk about why you are suitable for this job, and why you want to work there.

Scrub Your Social Media

Some companies will thoroughly vet their managers. They will even go so far as to check their Facebook profiles and other similar social media. This means that you need to make sure that your social media is either inaccessible or that you have undergone a removal of anything questionable. The internet is full of stories of people missing out on great jobs because they had a picture of them during a night on the town or the like.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Be Polite & Gracious

If you get an interview, they’re likely to be looking to see if you can discuss the work you’re going to be doing intelligently and if you seem like someone they can work with. Because of that, it is very important that you be polite and that you speak clearly about the work. If you cannot show some knowledge of the job you’re applying for and how to do it, and if you’re not polite, you’re not getting the job.

If you’re looking to gain knowledge on a business manager position and what it entails, you can always take a class like those that Stratford Career Institute offers. Such a course could give you a bit more of an edge in interviews. In fact, it might make a real difference in the interview process.


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