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small engine repair careerMechanics are always in need for any vehicle or equipment that uses an engine. With a small engine repair career, you focus on motorcycles, water craft, or construction equipment. If you decide that you’d like to move on to other types of engine repair, starting with small engines is a good place to start.

Do You Like to Take Things Apart?

Every career is different, and not everyone has the personality or desire to work with small engines. One good way to know if it’s the right career for you is to ask yourself if you like to take things apart and put them back together. When you work with engines, you work with several different parts and you’ll need to take apart different sections of the engine and put it back together.

It almost sounds cliché, but people who like to take things apart and put them back together make excellent mechanics based on their interests.

Are You a Problem Solver?

In a small engine repair career, you are presented with a problem. Usually, the customer explains symptoms and you are tasked with figuring out what is wrong with the engine. The problem might not even stem from the engine, and this is something you’ll need to know. All you are given is a problem, and you’ll need to troubleshoot and solve the problem. If you like to solve problems especially with mechanical engines and equipment, then this type of career is good for you.

Do You Like Working with Computer Equipment?

Most people think of mechanic jobs as directly working with engines and only using hand tools. As a matter of fact, much of the current mechanical diagnostics uses computer equipment to help the mechanic pinpoint the issue. Computer equipment has gotten much more advanced in the last decade, so the computers you’ll use to diagnose small engines will save you much of your time and effort. Computer equipment can tell you exactly what must be replaced and repaired. You’ll need to learn to use this equipment, but your employer will send you to training or you can opt to take training on your own.

Are You Ready for Training for a Small Engine Career?

You can’t just jump into this career. You need to take classes and go to training. You also need to work under a more seasoned mechanic to gain experience in the field before you work on your own. If you like training and learning new equipment and techniques, then you will enjoy a small-engine repair career. You can expect to take classes to learn your trade, and you will be in training with an experienced mechanic for about three years. Of course, as engine technology changes, you must adapt and train with these new engines.

Overall, small engine repair is a great career and it’s a long-term venture. As long as people have equipment, motorcycles, and small watercraft, your skill set is always in need. This career also doesn’t take too much time for an applicant to get started.

Interested in learning more about a career in small engine repair? Download our guide to Small Engine Repair Training below!

Small Engine Repair Training Guide

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