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real estate appraiser salary

According to, the average real estate appraiser salary is nearly $61,000 per year.

Your home appraiser salary will significantly depend upon the level of licensure that you obtain. A certified general appraiser will make more than a certified residential appraiser.

Factors to Consider For a Real Estate Appraiser Salary

There are many variables to consider for an appraiser salary. Among them are:

  • The level of licensure that you have. The more certifications you have as a real estate appraiser, the more jobs you can legally appraise. Real estate appraisers make more money for bigger pieces of property or commercial appraisals but need to be appropriately licensed to do so.
  • Whether you are an independent contractor, work for a real estate company, or work for the government. Setting your hours as an independent contractor is appealing. However, real estate appraisers who work for a real estate company or the government will make more money.
  • How often you work and the number of jobs you take on. Real estate appraisers typically set their hours. They also often work on an as-needed basis for their clients. The more jobs you take on and the hours you work will determine your real estate appraiser salary.

Training Needed to Become a Certified Real Estate Appraiser

It takes about a year to become a real estate appraiser. You do not need a college education, although some college-level courses might be required.

To become a real estate appraiser, you first complete a short course to become a real estate appraiser trainee. You will continue with coursework after you become a trainee. As an essentially an apprentice, you will also work under a certified real estate appraiser.

After you complete all the courses needed and the hours required as a trainee, you can take the test in your area. Once you pass the test, the real estate board will send you a certification to be a licensed real estate property appraiser.

Depending on where you want to be a real estate appraiser, the qualifications will vary from state to state. Make sure to research the qualifications in the area where you want to work.

Explore a New Real Estate Appraiser Career

Stratford Career Institute is proud to offer an introductory real estate appraiser course to help you determine your interest in a real estate career.

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  • Roles and Activities of Real Estate Professionals
  • Basic Valuation Concepts
  • The Business Side of Real Estate
  • Ethics and Liability for Real Estate Professionals
  • Legal Considerations in Appraisal
  • Real Estate and the Economy
  • License Law and Real Estate Math
  • The Appraisal Process

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Check Out Our Real Estate Appraiser Course

Check Out Our Real Estate Appraiser Course

Stratford Career Institute offers an affordable online class to help you see if a real estate appraiser career is right for you!