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Will I Make Enough as a Caterer?

how much do caterers makeA caterer is responsible for a number of different tasks related to the preparation, delivery, and service of food, usually between an offsite kitchen and an event location.

They may also have other responsibilities at an event such as providing tables and chairs or designing decorations.

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So, how much do caterers make?

Factors Affecting Pay

How much money caterers make depends on a number of factors including experience, education, location, workplace, type of clients served and schedule.

Consider a caterer with classical training that owns their business in a major city. They may only cater for celebrity parties. In this example, they probably make more money than someone who works part-time at a small restaurant coordinating catering deliveries.

According to Job Monkey, a chef who works as a caterer preparing and cooking the food may earn between $35,000 and $75,000 a year. Different levels of chefs and cooks can earn different salaries, meaning that a catering company’s executive chef may make $45,000 a year while an assistant may earn $22,000.

According to Indeed, the average caterer hourly wage is $12.56 an hour. This calculation comes from job postings across the United States as of October 2018.

Caterer salaries can have a large range depending on the number of hours worked. Some caterer positions are only a part-time job or are seasonal.

Types of Caterers

There are also different kinds of caterers, and some of them may earn more money than others.

Private Caterers

Usually, when someone refers to a caterer, they are talking about a private caterer.

As a private caterer, you might own your business or work for a catering company. Private catering companies are usually hired for events such as weddings receptions, birthday parties, anniversary parties, corporate events, and other events.

Certain private caterers handle everything that happens regarding the food, including preparation, delivery, serving and clean up. Some catering companies own their own serving equipment and hire wait staff, while other companies contract out different responsibilities to other vendors.

Not all private catering businesses have full-time work, meaning that you might earn less money. Some may only operate during peak season for specific events or may only cater weekend events.

Hotel/Restaurant Caterer

You might also find a job as a hotel or restaurant caterer. These caterers are responsible for coordinating the relationship between a customer and the kitchen in preparing for an event.

A hotel caterer typically sets up and serves food at an event held at the hotel. A restaurant caterer may coordinate the delivery of food to another location. Depending on the workplace, a hotel or restaurant caterer does not always personally prepare the food.

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