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If you are considering a career as a locksmith, you may wonder how much does a locksmith make?

The average locksmith salary is nearly $52,000 per year, and you need only a high school diploma to become a locksmith.

There are many other training programs and certifications you can receive that will earn you a higher locksmith salary. The quickest way to start a career as a locksmith is to find a job at a locksmith’s shop. While there, you will earn valuable experience learning about locksmithing from a professional locksmith. You will also meet contacts in the industry who can help you further your career as a locksmith.

Ways a Locksmith Salary Is Increased

There are many factors that affect a locksmith’s salary. Detailed below are a few things that might increase the average locksmith salary.

Getting Formal Education or Certifications

Although you need only a high school diploma to start working as a locksmith, there are plenty of other certifications and formal education offered for a locksmith. These credentials will help earn you a higher locksmith salary.

Some colleges offer associates degrees in locksmithing. There is also a certification program from the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA). Getting a degree or certification for locksmithing will make you an ideal candidate for job opportunities as a locksmith.

Having Previous Experience

If you have any previous experience, you can earn a higher locksmith salary. An excellent way to gain experience is by working at a locksmith shop. Some locksmith shops might even pay for you to get more formal training and certifications if you are a good worker. 

You can also get an apprenticeship with a locksmith. While working as a locksmith’s apprentice, you will spend time formally learning the trade under their supervision and working with them.

Bringing Additional Skills to the Business

Having other valuable skills can earn you a higher locksmith salary. Good customer service, retail store experience, and business administration knowledge are all additional skills that may be useful in a locksmith store. You can earn a higher locksmith salary by bringing these skills to a locksmith business even though they are not necessarily specific to locksmithing.

Working in a Populated Area

If there is a need for locksmiths where you work, you can earn a higher locksmith salary. In areas where there are new developments or in highly populated urban areas, locksmiths may be in demand.

Interested in a Career as a Locksmith?

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Become a Locksmith

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