karmic debt numbers

Numerology has roots in ancient civilizations, which used numbers to understand the world’s happenings and give reason to our personalities.

We can learn much about ourselves based on the numbers in our lives, such as our life’s purpose, talents, or heart’s desire. 

Because we are human beings, we can make mistakes. We carry these mistakes with us, even from our past lives. To understand our past mistakes and overcome them, we must look at our karmic debt numbers.

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What Are Karmic Debt Numbers?

The phrase “what goes around comes around” is a popular definition of karma. Supporters of karma believe it to be part of the universe and that karma follows you from previous lifetimes. You must make up for your behavior in your previous lives. 

Your karma numbers are called karmic debt numbers. There are four numbers: 13, 14, 16, and 19. Read on to learn the meaning of these numbers.

What Is the Meaning of the Karmic Debt Number 13?

You may find completing tasks and goals hard if you have the karmic debt number 13. You must work hard to achieve the purpose and objectives of your life. 

It may seem easy to give up or be lazy. You may feel overwhelmed with too many things to do and need help to get ahead.

In this life, you need to overcome this challenge by maintaining order. Don’t procrastinate on the things you need to do. Make a schedule and stick to it. If you can meet deadlines and complete tasks when appropriate, you will find harmony and balance in your life.

What Is the Meaning of the Karmic Debt Number 14?

If you have the karmic debt number 14, then you probably abused freedom in a past life. You lacked self-control and overindulged in various vices in life, such as drugs, alcohol, food, and sex. It was hard to commit to anything.

You need to avoid these vices now. Strength in yourself and your organizational skills can help you overcome your weakness for these overindulgences. 

Moderation and abstinence will help you gain better control over your life. But this requires self-discipline and faith in yourself. 

What Is the Meaning of the Karmic Debt Number 16?

The karmic debt number 16 means you have an overpowering ego and relationship issues. Your past self believed destroying your old self was the only way to improve. Because of this obsession with your ego, you have difficulty connecting with others and have a mountain of failed relationships.

You may also possess a self-centered and selfish attitude, contributing to the lack of relationships.In this life, you must think of other people over yourself. Think about how your actions impact their life. 

What Is the Meaning of the Karmic Debt Number 19?

If you have a karmic debt number of 19, you abused your power in a past life and contributed to the suffering of others. You were a stubborn person who always wanted to do everything alone. You thought being alone was better and only looked out for yourself.

The goal now is to use this power properly. Realize that you cannot do everything alone. Some things in life require help. You need other people.

How Do You Calculate the Karmic Debt Numbers?

There is no karmic debt calculator. Look at your numerology chart. If you see the numbers 13, 14, 16, or 19, you have that karmic debt number. For example, numerology has five core numbers that contribute to a person’s character, like your heart’s desire, personality, or expression numbers. If one of these core numbers is 13, 14, 16, or 19, then you have that karmic debt number.

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