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how to become a security guard

If you were wondering how to become a security guard, you have come to the right place! We have done some research to help you learn more.

The only requirement to become a security guard in some areas is a high In general, the only requirement to become a security guard in many areas is having a high school diploma.

However, if you want to earn a higher income or further your career, you can go to school and get training in-person or online that can help you increase your knowledge and refine your skills.

Having some basic security education could help you get hired in an entry-level security position, where you will also likely receive some on-the-job-training by the company that hires you.

Security Guard Employment Opportunities

Many security guards work for third party security companies. These security companies often hire out their security guard staff for work at entertainment venues and private events.

Working at one of these companies usually means that as a security guard, you may work a variety of jobs and locations.

Conversely, you can also work as a security guard in a commercial or residential setting.

These security guards generally work full-time at a set location like in a building, at a business, or watching over someone’s property or a gated neighborhood.

Some security guard jobs are very active. In these positions, security guards regularly patrol an area that needs a security staff.

However, other security jobs can be less active. Here, the security guard staff could simply be stationed at a designated location to monitor what happens and call the authorities or the owners as needed.

Regardless, there are plenty of different security guard opportunities out there for everyone. Look in the job description of job postings to find the types of security guard positions where you are interested in getting work.

What Do You Need to Be a Security Guard?

In general, there are only a few requirements needed to become a security guard. Make sure you check your local laws about security guard work to know exactly how to become a security guard in your area. 

Every municipality is different, so it is important to check the laws, rules and regulations necessary to become a security guard in your area or the area in which you wish to work.

Some of the minimum requirements to become a security guard often include:

Remember, your location is what truly matters for the type of education, certification, or licensing needed to become a security guard. However, here are some of the most important prerequisites for most security positions.

Top Skills Needed for Security Work

Perhaps the most essential qualities of security personnel are physicality, presence, and effective communication. Protecting people or property usually requires a stern appearance as well as a calm, professional demeanor. 


Generally, to be a security guard, you must be in good physical shape. This means you should be able to stand for long periods of time, lift anywhere from 25-70 lbs, and have good endurance.

Some training programs or employers may even require the completion of a physical fitness test. It mostly depends on the scope of your security work. 

Communication Skills

Another requirement for being a security guard is good communication skills. While interpersonal skills help, you must be able to interact with the public.

Since security work often involves giving clear instructions to others or de-escalation, communication skills are a necessity for most employers.

Good Attitude & Ethical Mindset

Finally, to work in the security sector, you must have the right attitude. The goal of most security is to deter anyone from stealing, destroying property, or harming others.

This means that you must present yourself in a confident, professional way when on duty. In addition, you must have a good understanding of right and wrong and be willing to uphold any laws associated with keeping an area safe and secure. 

Types of Security Guards

There are a few different types of security guard positions. Each one will require other training, certification, or licensing. Additional training is especially necessary for those who are allowed to carry a weapon or work undercover. 

A few types of guards include: 

  • Armed security guards
  • Unarmed security guards
  • Personal security detail
  • Government contracted security
  • Undercover security personnel
  • Surveillance security workers

If you’re thinking about becoming a security guard, you should research the area of work you have the most interest in. That way, you know definitively what requirements you need to work toward a job in each of these different areas of work. 

Training and Certification

One of the most important steps to becoming a security guard is training.

While some states don’t require licensing or other training, many do, so it’s critical to look up the requirements in your area. Many large companies also require certifications, degrees, or other examples of education.

There are a few different resources that provide additional training. Some organizations such as Stratford Career Institute offer fundamental training courses to help you get started.

Other organizations such as IFPO and ASIS International offer different types of certifications that may be applicable for someone looking for more advanced learning opportunities.

Interested in a Career as a Security Guard?

If you are interested, check out Stratford Career Institute’s course on becoming a security guard.

The course includes everything you need to take the first step toward a successful career as a security guard, including,

  • Introduction to investigation and law enforcement,
  • The criminal justice system,
  • Private security the past to the present,
  • Professional development of private security,
  • Private security employment positions,
  • Entry-level business techniques and information,
  • Advanced business security issues,
  • Report writing as a private investigator,
  • Loss prevention, gaming, and alarm security systems,
  • Current private security threats,
  • Corporate and white-collar crime,
  • Riots, domestic terrorism, and maritime security issues,
  • School security issues and techniques, and 
  • Future security trends.

Enroll in our security guard learning course today!

This educational program is an introductory course designed to help students gain the knowledge necessary for the vocational application of this subject. Completion of this program does not fulfill the legal requirements of particular state licenses or certifications, which may require additional training or apprenticeships.


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Security Guard Courses

Security Guard Courses

Stratford Career Institute offers a comprehensive learning course that can set you on the right path to becoming a security guard.