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how much do vet assistants makeAre you someone who loves animals and find it easy to care for them? Then you might enjoy a rewarding career as a veterinary assistant.

How much do vet assistants make?

A Rewarding Career as a Veterinary Assistant

How much a vet assistant makes is completely dependent on the location where they work and their schedule at a vet clinic.

So, how much does a vet assistant make per hour?

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the average pay for veterinary assistants is more than $12.50 per hour or $26,100 per year. Additionally, the rate of growth for veterinary assistant jobs is extremely high and is expected to grow at 19%, which is much faster than the national average.

Since the growth rate for this career is so high, there is no better time than right now to become a vet assistant. How much do veterinary assistants make a year in this growing industry depends still on how many hours a week they are able to work and the rate made every hour.

What Does a Vet Assistant Do?

Veterinarians need a vet assistant to help care for the many animals they see every day.

A veterinary assistant is typically in charge of daily animal care and may feed, bathe, and exercise animals and even provide emergency first aid to sick or injured animals. They often assist with animals during surgery, monitor them post-surgery, and give immunizations or medication prescribed by a veterinarian.

You can make more money as a vet assistant if you have previously worked at a vet clinic. If you can bring a lot of experience to the veterinary clinic, it will make you a valuable employee. Vet assistants who have an education, additional training, or a certification can not only expect to earn a higher vet assistant salary but will also have greater job prospects for future employment.

Where Do Vet Assistants Work?

Clinics and Animal Hospitals

Most veterinary assistants work in clinics and animal hospitals where they assist veterinarians in treating animals that are injured or ill. Work can be full or part-time. Many clinics are open 24 hours a day and night, weekend and holiday work is often necessary.

Since vet clinics are open for these extended hours, they are often looking for employees to fill shifts. With a need for workers, it is easy for vet assistants working at these types of clinics to fill a schedule working there.

A full time schedule lets vet assistants make more money during the week, and they can also make overtime pay or holiday pay, which is typically time and a half.

Labs and Universities

Many labs in universities and research institutions also utilize veterinary assistants to care for animals.

The daily tasks are similar and assistants feed animals, clean kennels, and monitor care while under the supervision of a veterinarian, scientist, or veterinary technician or technologist. If you are considering how much vet assistants make, work in a lab can offer above-average pay, especially for those certified through the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science.

You can also make more money as a vet assistant at a laboratory or university.

Since labs and university programs are often funded through donations and grants, they typically offer higher salaries to their workers because they have to use the money. If they don’t, they must give the money back to the donor or grant fund.

How Do I Become a Vet Assistant?

Veterinary assistants typically have a high school diploma or equivalent and learn from on the job training. Entry-level workers can often break into the vet assistant field with little or no training, although those with more training will typically earn a higher income.

What veterinary assistants truly need are certain skills. They should be detail oriented, have excellent communication skills, enjoy working with their hands, and have a big heart for animals.

Many people enter the veterinary field to help animals and ensure they are cared for when sick or injured. Being a vet assistant is a tough but rewarding career in a growing industry. Learn more today to see if becoming a vet assistant is the right career for you.

Learn More about the Veterinary Assistant Field

Pets are a very important part of people’s lives today and pet-related spending might be predicted to drive an increase in demand for veterinary assistants in the coming years.

A rewarding career as a veterinary assistant can be a part of your future. Stratford Career Institute’s online Veterinary Assistant training course is a convenient and affordable way to learn more about caring for animals and what it’s like to work as a veterinary assistant.


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Become a Vet Assistant

Become a Vet Assistant

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