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how much do auto mechanics make

For those interested in a career as an auto mechanic, one of the first things they want to know is, How much do auto mechanics make? Thankfully, with the amount of statistics available, it’s easy to estimate what you could potentially earn in an automotive career.

Here’s how much an auto mechanic makes on average nationally and how it varies based on location, industry, and experience.

How Much Does the Average Auto Mechanic Make?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average auto mechanic salary is $47,990. This is pretty close to the median or middle wage, which is $46,880. Essentially, this means that about 50% of auto mechanics make more than $46,880, while 50% make less. 

So, how does this compare to the estimates provided by job posting services? Well, according to ZipRecruiter, the average auto technician salary is lower than the BLS figure, at about $42,915. However, Indeed found an average of $59,446 based on more than 19,700 reported salaries. 

What Factors Affect Auto Mechanic Pay?

Obviously, not all auto mechanic jobs pay the same salary. However, there are several factors that affect overall pay, such as location, industry, and experience. Even just one of these may change your potential earnings, so it’s important to understand how they affect your job search.


While the national average salary for auto mechanics serves as a sort of guideline, it isn’t necessarily the same amount employers pay in your area. So, how much do auto mechanics make a year based on their location?

According to the BLS, auto mechanics make the most in Washington D.C., earning an average salary of $60,580. In contrast, the lowest paying state in the country is West Virginia, where auto mechanics make only $35,680 on average.

Currently, the top five states with the highest auto mechanic salaries are Alaska, California, Washington, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.


Surprisingly, industry plays a crucial role in the amount of money an auto mechanic makes. The BLS reports that although nearly 50% of auto mechanics work for a dealership, repair shop, or auto parts store, there are some who work for government agencies or in completely different environments.

For example, less than 1% of all auto mechanics work in natural gas, courier, or telecommunications businesses. However, they make the most out of all workers within their industry. In fact, auto mechanics working in natural gas distribution earn an average salary of $82,110 per year. 


Another major factor for determining salary is years of experience. Generally speaking, those with more experience receive higher pay. According to PayScale, entry-level mechanics may make around 21% less than the average, while those with five or more years of experience make the average or more.

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