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should i be a mechanicThere are few jobs that are as in demand for the future as auto mechanic positions.

We are seeing a cultural shift as we move towards self-driving vehicles.

This means an auto mechanic’s work will become even more intriguing in the future. It will also require more expertise. Cars get more sophisticated every year, this is not new to the self-driving iterations. An auto mechanic career requires constant education.

Keeping cars working, or having the skills to repair a car requires an understanding of mechanics, engineering, computing, and combustible engines. In addition, electrical engines are gaining in popularity. In other words, working as an auto mechanic requires an extensive skill set. Though the job does not technically require certification or licensing, many mechanic shops will require it.

You may be wondering: should I be a mechanic? Auto mechanics are problem solvers who work with their hands. If that doesn’t sound appealing, it may not be the right career for you.

What Do You Need to Be a Mechanic?

Other than a passion for cars and the right mindset, there are a few different things that may help you become a mechanic. First, keep in mind that most positions require you to have a high school diploma or GED. However, there are other things that may help you stand out from other candidates, such as completion of a trade program or industry certifications.

Traits of Those Who Excel in an Auto Mechanic Career

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics estimates that there are nearly 276 million registered vehicles on the road in the US. Individuals, families, and businesses throughout the country need their vehicles to go to work, transport goods, and more. Auto mechanics help keep the country running, making them the backbone of transportation. But there are certain traits that an auto mechanic should have to be successful on the job. When attempting to answer the question, “Should I become a mechanic?”, these are the traits you might need to have a fulfilling career.

Being a “Hands-On” Person

  • There are few careers that are as hands-on as being an auto mechanic. An auto mechanic will always be using their tools. Whether you’re changing oil or rebuilding a transmission, you’ll be working with your hands.
  • If you’re the kind of person who enjoys working with their hands and getting them dirty every day, a life as an auto mechanic may be right for you.

Problem Solver

  • An automobile runs properly when all the parts move in perfect unison. When something is amiss, however, it may not be simple to understand the exact cause of the problem.
  • If your idea of fun is trying to figure out which part of many possible parts is causing the problem or problems, this might be the right career for you. You will be trying various solutions until you correctly diagnose the root cause of the issue. For some people, it is a rewarding endeavor.

Enjoy New Challenges Every Day

  • Problems with automobiles vary wildly. One day it is something as simple as a flat tire that takes an hour to replace. The next day might be a complex issue such as an engine that doesn’t have the horsepower it should.
  • An auto mechanic is likely to have a new challenge every day of the week, keeping work interesting and exciting.
  • If you enjoy having a new challenge to overcome every day, working as an auto mechanic may be a great fit for you.

Should I Become a Mechanic If I Don’t Want to Work on Cars My Entire Career?

Believe it or not, becoming an auto mechanic can be a great stepping stone for those looking to work in management positions.

After getting a few years of experience, many mechanics go on to become a service writer, supervisor, or instructor. Some even transfer their automotive skills to other industries that require mechanical knowledge. With a career as an auto mechanic, you’re not necessarily stuck working on cars if you show the drive and passion to do more.

Potential Work Environment

There are many different types of work environments for auto mechanics.

Some work for car dealerships in a shop, while others work for an independent repair business or at an auto parts store. In any case, most auto mechanics usually get their hands dirty handling greasy car parts and tools, sometimes under the vehicle. Most of the time, this is in a lit, well-ventilated shop with specialized equipment, such as car lifts and electronic diagnostics tools. 

Auto Mechanic Career Outlook and Pay

Since becoming an auto mechanic requires a special set of technical skills, many people wonder what the job outlook is like when they complete their training. So how much do auto mechanics make, and are there any opportunities out there?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were more 700,000 auto mechanic jobs in the US during 2020. However, they projected 0% growth in these jobs between 2020 and 2030. Despite this lack of growth, they also estimated that there will be 69,000 openings for auto mechanics each year. This means that there are plenty of opportunities for those looking to get into the field.

In addition to job outlook, the BLS also releases reports on average wages throughout the country. As of May 2021, the mean annual salary for an auto mechanic is $47,990, while the average hourly rate is $23.07. However, this is just the national average, and wages vary widely depending on industry, location, and experience.

Distance Learning Auto Mechanic Courses

If an auto mechanic career sounds interesting to you, there are immediate steps you can take. Stratford Career Institute’s distance learning course can set you down the right path. You can study and learn at your own pace. The knowledge you gain can provide you with a solid base for any further pursuits in the field.

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