Learning a complicated language like English can seem like a big task.

Even native English speakers don’t always understand its complicated grammar and verb tenses, but don’t let this stop you!

There are many resources to help you learn English as a second language and learning ESL online is a great option.

Is ESL Well Suited to Online Learning?

Yes! To study ESL online you might need an internet connection, speakers and a computer with the right system requirements. A headset and microphone can also be useful. These tools can allow students and teachers to easily converse and connect over the internet. Online courses can might also use tools such as voice message boards, games, forums, and online dictionaries for learning.

Some home study ESL courses might also utilize textbooks and written assignments in addition to audio recordings and exams to help facilitate the learning process.

What Makes a Good Online Course?

Courses may offer a variety of class levels or focus on one specific area like grammar or reading. Many offer a comprehensive overview of more than one area. A well-rounded course will include the basics of conversation and literacy and help you use your second language more often in daily life.

Basic Conversation Skills

Practice is essential when learning a new language. A good course can emphasize listening and speaking to help develop your use of the English language in everyday situations. You should learn the basic English needed to:

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Read a map, follow directions, read street signs, and use public
  • Shop at the supermarket and buy or rent a home.
  • Understand calendars using the days of the week and months. In addition, you can learn about times, dates, and the weather.

Workplace Literacy

It can be confusing when an ESL learner’s workplace does not use their native language. A good ESL course can help you understand:

  • How to ask directions and complete simple forms and job applications.
  • Simple instructions for operating workplace machines like computers, printers, and copiers.
  • Phrases for greeting customers, taking orders and offering help.
  • More about handling money at home and at work.
  • Important terms for workplace safety.

Reading and Writing Basics

Grasping the basics of reading and writing is one of the most important steps in mastering a new language. Online ESL courses can help you:

  • Practice reading fiction and non-fiction materials.
  • Review the visual information in advertisements, calendars, manuals, and handbooks.
  • Learn to write essays, narratives, and practice creative writing.
  • Understand the correct use of grammar and structure and learn how to proofread and edit your work.

Are You Ready to Begin Learning ESL Online?

When you take the English As A Second Language course at Stratford Career Institute, you can learn ESL in your spare time and study at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. This course can take limited English skills to the next level and enhance daily communication. It may even jump-start you into an exciting new career.


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Interested in Learning ESL Online?

Interested in Learning ESL Online?

Enroll in our English As a Second Language online course today!