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hobbies that make moneyWe often hear “do what you love” when it comes to choosing a career, and hobbies are no different.

Hobbies are some of the best moneymakers, and if you have hobbies that make money, you’re in luck. You can turn your hobby into a career and ditch the boring job that you hate.

Here are some hobbies that can be turned into great careers.

1. Auto Mechanic

Like working on cars? Auto mechanics make great money, and it’s a rewarding career that lasts a lifetime. As long as there are cars, motorcycles, boats, and watercrafts, mechanics will be needed. Most mechanics require some kind of formal training, so be ready to study. If you don’t think you have the time, think again. Plenty of distance learning courses offer you a way to take the courses you need to turn this hobby into a career.

2. Fitness

Some people love working out and training others on the right techniques. All you need is a gym membership and the right commitment. It also takes little investment since you can start by working out with family and friends and helping with their motivation and diet concerns. What’s great about fitness is that you can also turn your interests into other careers such as being a dietician, a physical therapist, or a personal trainer.

3. Logo Design or Graphic Design

Do you have a knack for color schemes, layouts, and design? Logo and graphic design are two artistic areas that can turn a hobby into a moneymaking venture. The Internet reduced the barrier to entry for small businesses. These small businesses need a good designer for their site and logo. You can either make money on your own or go into graphic design for tech firms and online businesses.

4. Web Development

There are billions of websites on the Internet and trillions of individual web pages. This makes web development a promising career, especially if you already make a hobby of it. Plenty of sites offer free site hosting in exchange for ad placement. This gives you the ability to practice until you have your own hosting and development environment.

Web development has several areas that you can focus on. You can be a backend developer, a frontend designer, a database programmer, or create plugins and modules for existing frameworks such as WordPress or Joomla.

5. Interior Designer

Some people have a talent for home organization and decoration. If you love home decoration and make it a hobby to design your friends and family’s home, you can turn this hobby into a career. Just like a mechanics career, you should look into taking a distance learning course to understand the basics required before you practice professionally.

These are just five hobbies that you can turn into a career. If you decide to turn your hobby into something that generates an income, you should first take a course that interests you to confirm that it’s truly what you want to do. Hobbies are some of the best careers, because you know that you’ll have a passion for your work for years to come.

Turn Your Hobby Into a Career

At Stratford Career Institute, we offer many classes that formalize your hobby into education. Browse our course catalog to find a course that’s right for you.


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Thinking About Turning Your Hobby Into a Career?

Thinking About Turning Your Hobby Into a Career?

Our distance learning courses might be able to help your prepare for success. Request more information or sign up today.